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Peasant Dress/Tunic/Blouse Tutorial with FREE Downloadable Pattern

Peasant dresses/tunic/blouse were one of the first clothing items I made for my daughter. I have already made a few of them when I realized I haven't even shared a tutorial of it! My bad!

Just a few weeks ago, I received this and this pretty fabrics from WholePort. Peasant dresses were the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the lovely fabrics! 

However, today, I will share with you a tutorial and free pattern so you can make a peasant dress/blouse of your own. The pattern I am providing is the one I drafted and used for my 8 year old daughter. You can always draft your own pattern using your child's t-shirt or dress as guide.

Peasant dress tutorial

Before I proceed with the tutorial, you have to download and print the pattern first. Download it HERE.

After you've downloaded and printed your pattern, it's now time to cut the fabric. If you see, I wrote ADD in the pattern. That means you only have to add the length you want or need to make a blouse, tunic or dress. The same goes for the sleeve piece(short, 3/4s or long sleeve) which you can also alter for a wider sleeve, a cap sleeve, etc. The front piece of the body piece also has a deeper neckline compated to the back piece.


Get one body and one sleeve piece. With right sides facing together, sew straight stitches 1/4" away from the raw edge to sew both pieces together. Repeat the same procedure until you have one body piece with both sleeve pieces attached to that body piece. 

Repeat the same procedures until you have both sleeve pieces sewed onto the body pieces. You will have something like the photo shown above.

Hem both of the sleeve pieces by folding 1/4" twice under and sewing straight stitches.

Hem the neckline of the dress. Actually, this is not a hem. This is the casing where we will insert the elastic later so make sure to leave 1.5"-2" unsewn. 

Now, it's time to sew together each side of the dress, from the sleeve down to the bottom of the dress. Sew zigzag stitches (or serge) to avoid fraying of the fabric. Do the same to the other side.

Hem the bottom of the dress.

Insert the elastic into the casing. (I use 19" long for my daughter. you can always test what length works best for you) Sew both ends of the elastic together and sew close the casing.

Now, you have a peasant dress!


Easy-peasy, huh? You can add pockets to the dress, too!


peasant dress pattern 

Why not make a matching hair accessory?
You can see some tutorials HERE, HERE or HERE

I hope you liked today's tutorial!

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