Saturday, March 30, 2013

DIY Fabric Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial

Hello there, lovelies. Yes, I am still here, alive and kicking. I have been MIA these past few days. Things have been quite busy especially when the kids' spring break from school started. 

But today, I will share with you a tutorial on how to make your own Fabric Kanzashi flowers. 
kanzashi flower tutorial

For this tutorial, I used the fabrics which  my sponsor WholePort sent me. You can see these pretty fabrics HERE and HERE.

Kanzashi Flower

This is also a great scrap-busting project. If you have many small pieces of fabric (like me) in your stash, then this project is for you! You can use it to embellish hair clips, hair bands, pillows, clothes, party centerpieces and other projects. The possibilities are endless!
Here's how you do it:

Cut 5 squares from your fabric. You can of course make your flower fuller by using more squares (petals) or bigger by cutting the squares in bigger sizes! The ones I used for this tutorial are 5 cms. x 5 cms. squares which would work great for hair clips and headbands. Cut your squares according to your needs.

Take one square and fold it into a triangle twice. Hold the triangle on the folded side so you have two tips as shown above.

Take one and fold it towards you. Do the same to the other tip so you will have what's in the picture above.

Hold the folded side of the piece. Cut about 1-2mm of the open tips and sew two stitches just to keep the folds in place.

Repeat the procedures stated above and everytime you finish folding one of the squares, sew it until you have something like shown above (all 5 squares already folded and sewn)

Now, take the first raw edge (where you sewed on two stitches before, those sides!) of the first petal and the last raw edge of the last petal you've sewed and sew them together. Repeat the same procedure until you sew together all raw edges. Note, you will have 5 edges sewn together now.

Turn your half-done flower. With the use of either your thumb or pinky, push the tip of the petals so the petal will be puffier and less pointy.

Sew or glue on a cute button in the center of the flower.

For a hair clip or headband embellishment, cut a felt circle, attach the flower on it and the hairclip/headband on the other side of the felt with hot glue.

hairbraid and kanzashi flower DIY

Make as much as you want or need and enjoy! 

I hope you liked today's tutorial. 

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It would be great if you could post the pictures once again. They are not showing up in this post except the first two.


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