Friday, August 31, 2012

We Love Handmade Sponsor Love 3

Handmade is indeed heart made and that what makes me appreciate more handmade items. And speaking of handmade items, let me share with more of our lovely August sponsors. 



Kristine is the lovely and bubbly blogger behind The Foley Fam, the blog. If you haven't followed nor read her blog yet, then you better do! You will immediately love her personality - especially her kidlets! ^^) Kristine does not only own a cool blog but she also own a lovely handmade shop called J&M's Eye Candy Shoppe!

FREE SHIPPING-Pink and White Polka Dots-Clip or Headband- BIG Shabby Chic Rosette FREE SHIPPING - Shabby Chic Newborn Headband-Baby Headband-Toddler-Infant-Adult-Photo Prop- Headband- Shabby Flowers Headband on Elastic

Sassy Lady - Pink and Black Clip
Pink and white polka dots hair pretty, Shabby Chic headband, Sassy Lady clip  

You can also find her here:



Truly Lovely is an "All Things Lovely" blog. Kassi and Kayli, sisters, will show you a lot of the lovely things they do. They have lots of tutorials and recipes, too!

stenciled throw pillow summer BBQ ideas 
Stenciled welcome pillow, Fruit Kabob and dip, Painted gift tins

You can also find them here:



Yvonne is the bubbl and creative lady behind the blog, About Blogging Time. Yvonne and her project are always favorite at the Crafty Saturday Party! Check out her blog and be inspired with this lady's creativity!

Patriotic Pillow, Tea light candle holders, Framed monogram

You can also find her here:



Y-Creations is a haven for the handmade lovers. Y-Creations, based at Valley Springs, California, specializes in handcrafter crochet items, bows, embroidered items, tutus and other handmade pretties! Check out some of their products:

Pink zebra headband, Crochet ballerinas, Ladybug outfit

You can also find them here:



I hope you enjoyed this handmade post and do visit our sponsors, their blogs and shops, too! 
Handmade rocks!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh! The things I would buy/do if I were rich...

Oh, the things I would do if I were rich!
I have never thought much about getting rich. All I need is a roof over my head, food on my table, a job and just enough money to provide for my children's needs. 
But with the recent problem my family had been beset, I can't help thinking about the great things money can do!

First, I will pay for my sister's lifetime medicines. My sister (who is pregnant and was recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension) has to be on Flolan. This is a costly medicine. She   was confined in the hospital last July 14 and will still have to stay there for who knows when. Just a few weeks ago, they received her hospital bill for one month and it was (if I can remember it right) more or less 1,200 €. That's just hers. They also had to pay for my niece's (my sister's first-born) hospital expenses. She's on an intravenous epoprostenol therapy. Her daily medication, Flolan, costs 100,000 Japanese Yen. Imagine how much that would cost per year! Their health insurance does not cover everything. They would have to pay for the medication. They do get some discount for the hospitalization expenses but that's that.

Second, I will pay for a nurse to take care of my niece with special needs 24/7 because her mom can't take care of her the way she does before. 

Third, I will buy them a house. No, it's not just ANY house. It would be a house conditioned for their needs: no stairs, slopes for my niece's special buggy, no upstairs floor, my niece's room will have everything laid out as if she has her own hospital room in her house. There will be a place for oxygen tanks, machines and everything else.

Fourth, I would buy me a ticket to Japan to see them for the first time since 2005. 

But, I am not that rich to be able to do all that. Even if I am dying to see her, I would forget about my desire if it means that  my airfare could finance a day of her medication. So, I was thinking out loud at FB this evening and posted on my wall: Oh! The things I would buy or do if I were rich!

One lovely friend who I first knew through the blogging world, Suze Vinton who blogs at Time Well Spent, commented and said we can do some auctions and she will even be more than happy to donate some of her items! Now, how unselfish is that! I really appreciate her. She's always been a lovely person! She was really reading my mind as I was brainstorming with myself (^^) about doing an auction/fund drive for my sister. I once donated a handmade gift set to a fundraising event of a family who were in an adoption process and I, of course, would do more than that for my own sister! I actually did not think about asking my blogging friends to donate something for my cause. I once asked April of Wildflowers and Whimsy some advice about this and I remembered how hard it was for me to keep/maintain/manage and fight for my handmade shop. Although I did donate and give away more than what I sold, but it was my own decision to donate or give an item away. I would of course do a sort of announcement here at the blog when I already have the fundraising event sorted out. If you would like to help me out by donating an item to auction, I will be forever thankful and will of course welcome your help with open arms. I am in no position to say no. This fund drive I am organizing is not for me but for a loved one who, up to now, has been fighting and never stops to fight and the least I could do is give her a push so she could keep on fighting. But most of all, she never loses hope, has faith and trusts God. She's my hero!

Proverbs 3:5
Jeremiah 29:11

Wish me luck with this fund drive! ^^)

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Win a 8GB Nook Color and a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card, US 9/13

I am sure you can see tablets and e-readers everywhere. I swear, they're everywhere! I personally find mine helpful especially during those long waits at the doctor's office. I always bring ours along with us so the kids won't get bored while waiting. It will also prove to be of much use when the school starts and I would have to be parked outside the kids' school an hour before they go out just to get a decent parking space. Having one along will surely make the wait much more bearable! ^^)

Now, it's your time to own one! Check out the fab giveaway below!

Welcome to the Nook Color 8MB Giveaway!
BuyDig has teamed up with Kate n' Kaboodle and co-hosts News Wahl and Colleen's Book Nook to bring you this wonderful Back to School giveaway! This fabulous giveaway includes a 8GB Nook Color and a $25 Barnes & Noble Giftcard!


 The Barnes & Noble 8GB Nook Color features the 7 inch VividView Touchscreen that displays 16 million colors ultra-bright. This touchscreen is specially designed for remarkable clarity, minimal glare and is ultra responsive. The Nook Color is fully customizable so you can make the text bigger, choose your favorite font or read in portrait or landscape. Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Textbooks, Comics...if you want to read it, the Nook Color can deliver in seconds with it's built-in WiFi capabilities! With over 2.5 million titles available, there is something for everyone. There is an endless list of free books and you can even save up to 90% on textbooks! Concerned about storage? Worry no more! With 8GB (up to 5,000 books) of built-in memory and expandable storage up to 32GB with microSD memory card, there is plenty of room! Whether you want to watch movies with Netflix, read your favorite book, listen to music, check your Facebook, search the web or enjoy a wide variety of apps, the Nook Color is for you!


Read Kate n' Kaboodle's Review here and check out her other Back To School giveaways!

Connect with BuyDig

Buy It
BuyDig currently has the 8GB Nook Color available on their website for $149!

Win It
One winner will receive a 8GBB Nook Color and a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card!

Enter on the Rafflecopter below. US Only.
Good luck!

Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment, nor did I receive any compensation for this post.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY round-up: Children's Halloween Costumes

Checking on my calendar, I notice that we're almost in the "ber" months (yep! Months ending in -ber). Checking on my blog's traffic, I found out that some of you are looking for halloween-related posts in our blog. Since I live in Spain, we don't dress up until February for the carnaval. But, I would like to offer you a round-up of Halloween-related projects. Today it will be: DYI Halloween customes!

*Disclosure: This is a round-up of projects which are not mine. Due credit will be given to the sources by linking each project to the source. If you will be pinning the item, please do so from the source's blog or website, giving credit to where it's due. Thanks!

DIY Halloween Customes Round-up

Tinkerbell Costume, Make it and Love it

Cowboy Vest, Couturier Mommy

Snow White Costume, Heavenly Handmade

Peter Pan costume, sewBOLD

Sparkly Mermaid's Tail, Living the Creative Life

mario brothers.jpg
The Super Mario Brothers Costume, The Instructables

Owl Costume, Alpha Mom

Gnome Custome, Polka Dots and Pizza

Peacock Costume, creatively christy

Chicken costume, Living the Swell Life

I am sure you will find more DIY halloween customes idea over the internet. I am also sure you have great ideas on custome to make for your kids. Anyhow, I hope you would have a grand time creating the costume and that your kids would even have a grander time using the costume!

So, what if you don't have the time to make your own Halloween costume but would still want handmade ones? Don't fret! Check out this handmade post to check some of the cute Halloween handmade costumes I found at Etsy! Enjoy!

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Whimsical Wednesday Blog Hop 10 #KarmaMedia

Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday!
Hosted by Karma Media

Whimsical Wednesday

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Love Handmade: Halloween Costumes

Let's face it! Not everybody has the time to create and make DIY halloween costumes. I, myself, sometimes find myself planning on creating something but I find out I don't have the time to make it plus I don't have ready resources. For one, I live at least 45 minuted away from the city and there's no craft nor fabric store in the small town where we live. If I need to buy fabric or any craft items, I would have to go to the city during my day off. So, I almost always end up buying them online. I bought some fabric online a month ago but they are still untouched because I couldn't find the time to sew. So, if you're like me, then buying handmade costumes is the best solution. Here are some of the handmade costumes I found at Etsy.

*Disclosure: This is a round-up of handmade items which are not mine. Due credit will be given to the sources by linking back to the source. If you will be pinning the item, please do so from the source's shop, giving credit to where it's due. Thanks!

Black Kitty Cat Halloween Costume - Boutique Tutu Costume - Complete with Leg Warmers, Ears and Tail
Black Kitty Cat Costume, Addie Kat Shop

Kids Superhero Costume With Custom Superhero Cape, Blaster Cuffs and Mask
Super hero costume, Super Fly Kidz

Sleeping Beauty Halloween Costume
Sleeping Beauty Halloween costume, Beastly Buddies
Brown Marl Wool Sock Monkey Suit Size 18-24 months
Sock Monkey costume, Nancy's Needles and Pens
Rusty Red Fox Baby Onesie Costume with Hat - Lil' Creatures
Rusty Red Fox Onesie, Lil' Creatures
Orange and Black  Girls Tutu Guru Petti Tutu- Toddler 2T to Girls 8
Orange and Black girl's tutu, Tutu Guru

Dem Bones toddler long sleeved t shirt
Dem Bones costume, Once upon a story

Beauty and the Beast Princess Inspired 3 Piece Tutu Costume Sizes Newborn to 4T
Beauty and the Beast costume, Socktopus Creations 

Super hero inspired by Batman onesie or tee
Batman Onesie or Tee, Christina Kaye Designs

Kids Coat: Cheeky Green Dinosaur
Cheeky Green Dinosaur, Little Goodall

Owl Costume in Pink- Imagination Play- Dress Up- Halloween
Owl Costume, Savage Seeds

Don't you just love handmade? Congratulations to all these shows and the talent behind them. Let us all love, support and promote handmade!

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Follow my Pins Pinterest Hop 15 #KarmaMedia

'Follow My Pins'  Pinterest Hop
Follow My Pins Pinterest Hop
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