Monday, January 30, 2012

How to sew a curtain the easy (and lazy ^^) way

My sewing room's walls used to be painted with  a lovely lime green shade. But since this room is quite small, I have decided to repaint its walls just plain white so the room will appear to be bigger than it actually is.

There's a white dresser, a light natural oak office table, a shelf, plastic orange boxes for my supplies and a closet with orange doors ^^)
This room has only one single window. And the current curtain is somewhat brown with gold and silver threads. I want to change it with something colorful, something with green in it to add some color to the room.

Fortunately, I found a lovely fabric in my stash. The only problem is I only have 1 meter of it. So, I looked for another coordinating fabric. At first, I really don't know if it would turn out pretty but I only have a meter of each so my only option is to use both fabrics. 

So what I did is cut the polka-dotted fabric in three equal parts crosswise while I cut the other printed fabric in half crosswise.
I left the selvages on so I won't have to hem the sides!

I took one of the polka-dotted fabric and folded it in half, wrong sides together, right side facing up as shown above.

I took one of the other printed fabric and placed the folded in half polka-dotted fabric, placed it on top of it and aligned the raw sides. 

I then sewed straight stitches 1/4" away from the edge, all along the entire length. No need to pin before sewing just keep the edges aligned!

On the raw side of the (trees) printed fabric, align one piece of the polka-dotted fabric, right sides together, wrong side of polka-dotted fabric facing you. Sew straight stitches 1/4" away from the raw edge. Repeat the same steps to attach the other pieces of the fabrics.

When the last (polka-dotted) piece is left, fold it in half as shown above and sew it on with straight stitches still 1/4" away from the edge.

On the top piece of my curtain, I have sewn straight stitches as shown above about 2.5" away from the area where the polka-dotted and trees printed fabric were joined.

On the same piece, I have sewn straight stitches 1.5" away from the (folded) edge. The area above this stitches until the folded area will look like scrunchies once you insert your curtain rod!

Then, I sewed zigzag stitches on all raw edges.

I then topstitched.

I ironed it then hung it! Now, I have my own curtain sewn the easy  and lazy way and with just 2 meters of fabric! ^^)
I loved the combination of the bright and pretty colors! 

It definitely added colors to the room!

Don't you love the srunchy effect of the top part of the curtain? ^^)

If you would like to use just one fabric, all you have to do is hem the bottom edge, leave the selvages on the sides and fold the top part so you will have somewhere you can insert your rod! Easy-peasy, right? 

I hope you liked this tutorial.
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Love Handmade. True Rebel Clothing

Have you seen this fabulous Valentines giveaway? Have you entered already? You better should as the prize is 
one $25 Gift Certificate plus Free Shipping to one lovely handmade shop called

True Rebel Clothing is a handmade shop
Yes, lovely! That means you get to find lots of country shabby chic with a sprinkle of bohemian gypsy, funky, fresh and items full of pizzazz!

While I showcase some of True Rebel Clothing's lovely items, let us share with you our interview with Darcy George, the talent behind this lovely shop.

Me: Have you always been creative?

Darcy: I started designing things for my barbies when I was just 4 years old, from there I went onto drawing on every item of clothing I had, my Mom did not always enjoy this but I always made one of a kind pieces. I see things in the hardware store and it falls into pieces I design.

Me: When did this passion for recycling and upcycling started?

Darcy: This started out of playing around with clothing and pieces I already had. I would take clothing that was going to the garbage and would redesign and make something unique and quite fabulous. I think beauty is really about being unique and having little quirks here and there. Perfection to me is not beautiful.

Me: Where do you find inspiration to create such lovely items?

Darcy: Inspiration for me comes from everything, nature, cultures, animals anything that I see can be a source of inspiration. My spring summer designs have been inspired from a rock in roll album cover, Pat Benatar was a favorite of mine and my spring summer will have a little edge.

Me: How does your creative day usually start?

Darcy: I always start my day with a cup of coffee and a brief read of Womens Wear Daily. After that I sketch out the things I want to work on. I feel like it is so important to have a direction and plan and this always gets the creative juices flowing

Me: Aside from Etsy, where else can we find your handmade items?

Darcy: Right now I sell my items in my little Garage boutique, on facebook and of course etsy. 

Me: Is there any advice you can give to other aspiring handmade entrepreneurs?

Darcy: My one biggest piece of advice would be to never give up!!! I have owned 4 boutiques and have designed for 18 years and there have been many times I have been shot down and told No, but I have never given up. Always believe in your own creativity, fall in love with your own ideas take a deep breath and go!! 

So, what are you waiting for. Enter the giveaway for a chance to win $25 GC plus Free shipping to this fabulous shop. 
And if you can't wait for the giveaway to end, start shopping for your own True Rebel Clothing handmade item!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crafty Saturday Party No. 55

Hi there lovelies! I know this link up party is very VERY late! I actually missed a whole week!

Well, we had a hectic week.
Friday evening of last week, my kids were already feverish and coughing a lot. It was a sleepless night for both the hubby and I. On Saturday morning, both of them still had fever and my princess got sick so I had to be beside them all day. On saturday early evening, when I was already thinking of maybe making the link-up party post, my son suffered an accident.

He was playing with his sister, running around the living room when he slipped and he hit his forehead on the corner of one of the furnitures in our living room. We had to rush to the hospital as he had a 3 cms gash which had to be stapled. There are 3 staples under the adhesive bandage. We have to wait until today for the staple wires to be taken out.

my plate: sandwich filled with york ham and cheese, lettuce and cherry tomatoes salad. There's also consommé and fruit salad for dessert.

We arrived home at around 7pm. The kids were already hungry so I had to make a very quick meal. I took out our sandwich maker and made some sandwiches. I made some filled with york ham and cheese and some filled with foie gras. I also heated up some chicken consommé which I made a day before.

the hubs had half sandwich of york ham and cheese, and a sandwich filled with foie gras, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and olives salad

The kids had some sandwiches, consommé and fried chicken nuggets. 
When the kids were already sleeping, I gave the sewing room the last coat of paint.

My husband's nephew also came and brought this Conger Eel which he caught himself!

Over all, saturday lst week was a tiring day and I have entirely forgotten about the crafty saturday post!

On sunday morning last week, the paint was already dry and I began to push and pull furnitures, replaced the ligthing fixtures, etc.

I painted the walls and ceiling white. It was lime green before. The sewing room is a small room so I decided to paint it white so it would appear bigger.

I was craving for some Filipino dish so I made this Pancit dish. I didn't have any pancit noodles on hand so I used spaghetti noodles! ^^)

Sunday was a day to stay indoors as both kids still had fever and was both sick. I made some apricot (puree) cupcake which they loved!

My daughter asked if I can make some Meringue Cake which is her favorite.

Of course, I couldn't throw away the egg yolks so I made cheese custard.

I also made a tray of Coca de Trempó with this perfect pizza dough recipe

On Monday, we had an early appointment with the kids' doctor. There were many parents with kids waiting in the doctor's office. The kids had more or less the same symptoms as mine. The doctor also checked the gash on my son's forehead and said we have to wait for 1 week before the staple wires will be taken out. I would have to place a loosely secured gauze bandage or adhesive bandage on top of the staple wires since my son is trying to rub on them with his fingers so he might hurt himself.

When we arrived home, the weather was almost spring-like and the kids didn't have any fever so we decided to take a walk on the beach. The water was exceptionally lovely although there were so many dried algae in the beach which must have been washed into the beachfront a few days ago when it rain hard.

on our way to the beachfront

We love this beach!

We had a 1 hour and a half walk with our kids that day! However, early evening we found out that my hubby's bad cholesterol is slightly high. The doctor did not give him any medication but told him to walk a lot. so we decided to make our daily 1hr walk to 2-3 hours and instead of walking/strolling do mountain hiking instead!

There's a mountain about 8minutes away by car from where we live. We park the car by the foot of the mountain and we start our hike after bringing our kids to school. If you will go there just to hike, you can reach the peak of this mountain called Puig Sant Martí in 25 minutes. But we take our time, taking pictures (at least me ^^) along the way. 

my favorite solitary tree at the beginning of the trail

the trail starts on a rocky road

We kept on walking until we reached the winding but cemented road all the way up the peak!

Everything is green and the air is clean.
When you reach the peak, you will see spectacular views such as these:

mountains, mountains and more mountains!

a SOOC shot of Port d'Alcúdia 

a fab view of Alcúdia, Mal Pas and El Cap des Pinar

spectacular view of Port Pollença

the hubs on the platform where paragliders jump off

view from the other side of the peak

We stay there for a while to enjoy the spectacular view and snack on some apples.
When it's time to climb down, we bring out our garbage bag and we pick up the garbages we find along the way.

It's such a shame people just throw their garbage anywhere. I mean, they must have carried that bottle of soft drinks somewhere so why can't they just keep it there and throw it when they finally find a garbage can. We even found two car tyres! 

Today is saturday yet we weren't able to do some walking as it's been raining cats and dogs the whole day since last night! We are having a relaxing day in front of the fireplace ^^)


So, finally, I am able to complete the link-up party post! ^^)

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