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Simple Art Smock Tutorial

I know I promised you I will show you how I made the art smocks I sewed for my kids. But I had been so busy I barely have time for anything that does not have got to do with the kids, home and work. But this week, I have finally decided to start the tutorial post. It actually took me more than 3 days to complete this tutorial but I knew this was already long overdue. So, without final ado, here's the tutorial for the simple art smock I made for my son. As I have shared a few days ago, my laptop has started acting funny. The Google Chrome browser would crash due to the shockwave player mid-loading any webpage. I decided to try the IE but this browser must hate me! It never lets me properly attach photos to the post and a post without photo is a... well, a post without a photo - visually boring! This post alone took me at least 5 days to complete! Aside from the non-cooperating browsers, I am also tired and very busy I could barely sit down to finish a post...

Going back to the smock, I have no pattern for this smock. I only used one of my son's long-sleeved shirt as a guide. The shirt is a size 6T.

I couldn't even tell you how much fabric I used. I know, it's so lame. ^^) I just found out I don't have enough fabric for the entire length I wanted for the art smock so I decided to use a plain colored fabric for the bottom hem, wrist cuffs, etc.

Using your kid's shirt as guide, cut the (1) back and (2) front pieces of the smock. I folded the fabric in half and placed the shirt on top of it, folded in half, too. This is for the front pieces.

Determine where you'd like the shoulders to be (I added a 1" allowance to mine)

For the back piece, I added 2.5" of fabric from the center.

Don't forget to trace and cut the armholes. 
So, you will have three main parts: two front pieces and 1 back piece. Also, using the shirt as guide, cut two sleeves. I entirely forgot to take a picture of this step, I am so sorry. I sewed this art smock at midnight and was tired from work : (

Get the back piece of the smock. From the center, gather some pleats until you use up the 5" fabric allowance we added to the back piece. This will give your kid more wiggling room ^^)

Sew basting stitches to keep the pleats in place.

Get the back piece and one front piece. With wrong sides facing together, align the edges of the shoulders and sew straight stitches then zigzag stitches to sew both fabric pieces together.

On the right side of the back piece, sew straight stitches making sure to catch the piece of fabric under it. Repeat the same steps to attach the other front piece to the back piece.

Sew the sides (back piece + front piece) of the smock together by sewing straight stitches on the right side 1/8" from the edge(wrong sides facing together.

Turn it inside out and sew straight stitches 1/4" away from the sewn edge. We'e just made a french hem ^^) Don't forget to sew a tag if you have one! ^^) Do the same to the other side.
Take a long strip of fabric (I used the plain fabric) about 2.5"-3" wide. With right sides together with one of the front pieces, saw straight stitches 1/4" away from the raw edge, all throughout the entire length of the front piece.
Turn and press. Since I used the selvedge part of the fabric, I didn't see the need to hem. Otherwise, I would've hemmed the plain fabric. Cut the excess fabric.

Sew straight stitches on the right side of the front piece. Do the same to the other front piece.

Since I didn't have enough of the printed fabric, the smock would end up too short if I hem it. So, what I did is I took a long strip of the plain fabric about 6" long and the width would be the entire width of the smock. Fold the strip crosswise right side together and sew straight stitches 1/4" on the short sides of the strip. Clip one of the edges as shown above.

Turn inside out and press.

Attach the plain strip of fabric to the smock by sewing straight stitches 1/4" away from the edge. Sew zigzag stitches to avoid fraying.

Topstitch if desired.
Fold a strip of fabric about 1" wide. Fold it as shown above and sew straight stitches just the way you would sew a bias tape.

 Cut the needed length and pin it to the center of the back piece of the smock as shown above. Sew it on with basting stitches.

Get a strip of fabbric and sew it all around the neckline. Ideally, it should be cut on the bias but I didn't have enough fabric to make my own bias tape. I didn't have any bias tape of the same color on hand, either. Thus, you can see that I only used a long strip of fabric at least 1.25" wide.

Sew it on just as you would sew a bias tape.

Here's what we have right now.

This is the back side of the smock:

Now, it's time to attach the sleeves to the body.

Note: This is not a printable pattern. This is just an illustration of how I cut the sleeves of the smock.

Take the wrist cuff of your sleeve, sew gathering stitches (5.0) and gather. Get the wrist cuff (ivory plain fabric in mine), fold it in half crosswise wrong sides together. Sew both pieces together, right sides together, by sewing straight stitches then zigzag stitches.

Turn it over and topstitch.

Align the raw edges of the sleeve and sew it close using straight stitches and zigzag.

Take your art smock and the sleeve. Turn the art smock, wrong side outwards, right side inwards. Turn the sleeve piece, right side outwards, wrong side inwards. Align the raw edges of the sleeve holes of both art smock body and sleeve, right sides of both pieces facing together. Attach both pieces together by sewing straight stitches then zigzag stitches. Do the same to the other sleeve.

Sew on as much buttonholes you need. Sew on the buttons, too.

Sew on the pockets on each side of the smock.

Call your child so he/she can try it on! ^^)

It was easy to make! It took me longer to make this tutorial than actually making it.

I hope you liked today's post!

Next time, I will show you how I made my daughter's art smock which has a gathered bodice.

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