Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ricrac Rosette Tutorial

While I was busy baking and packing this year's handmade and homemade gifts for the teachers, my kids also wanted to give something handmade to their bestfriends.

handmade homemade gifts

I made a personalized name frame for one of my daughter's best friend. For my son's bestfriend, a beautiful little girl named Manuela, I made some hair accessories including a felt covered hair clip with a crocheted hat, an alligator clip with a mermaid fabric print cut-out sewed to felt and a headband with a ricrac rosette. 

I had some ricrac on hand and a plastic headband so I decided to make a ricrac rosette for the headband. 
You will need:

glue gun
headband, hair clips, etc.

I didn't want the rosette to be too small or too big so I cut two 13" long ricrac. Weave them together, like making a braid only that you only have two pieces to braid.

Sew straight stitches all through the entire length of the ricrac.
Roll the ricrac and apply hot glue to keep it in place. Keep on doing this until you use up the ricrac. Cut two felt circles slightly smaller than the base of the ricrac rosette and also cut a long and thin strip of felt. Attach one circle felt on the base of the rosette and attach the strip all around the base of the rosette.

Apply hot glue on the felt base of the rosette and attach it to the headband. Get the other felt circle and apply hot glue and attach to fix well the rosette to the headband.
Easy-peasy and quick to make! 
Make this easy and quick to make Ricrac rosette and make hair clips, headbands, rings and pendants with it! Then, give it away as new year's eve dinner favor! Just be careful not to burn your fingers with the glue gun (ouch!)

Ricrac Rosette in action ^^)


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