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The Lemonade Skirt Tutorial

I made this skirt for my princess who likes floral prints and lace.
I used a japanese seersucker fabric with a lovely floral print with just the right touch of sunny yellow here and there. She wanted a layered skirt for twirling so I used all the fabirc I had for the skirt and used a polka-dotted cotton fabric for the waistband. 

It's light enough for summer and is great layered for spring.
It has a zipper for closure. I have also sewn a thin elastic band on the waistband so it could grow with myd daughter. Since the skirt only has one sewn side, you can place the zippered part on the side or at the back, it won't really matter ^^)

Now, I'm mad at myself for not buying more than 1 meter of this lovely fabric! The beautiful print reminds me of an afternoon lemonade with friends so I called it The Lemonade Skirt. I also call it the seersucker and lace skirt ^^)

While making this skirt, as I really didn't know what I was doing ^^) I messed up with the zipper as I sewed it on the wrong way. Thank God for the thread picker! I undid the stitches and started again. If my explanation here is not so clear, don't hesitate to send me a message through our contact form. I'd me more than glad to help.

Now, on to the tutorial. For this skirt, I used:
Piece A- 44" x 11" seersucker fabric
Piece B- 44" x 8" seersucker fabric
1 pc. 44" x 2.5" lace fabric
1 pc. 32" x 2.5" polka-dotted fabric
snaps or button


Get fabric piece B and the lace. With the right side of the fabric facing you, lay the right side of the lace down so the pieces are facing right sides together. Sew straight stitches 1/4" away from the edge. Serge or sew zigzag stitches to make sure the fabric won't fray.

I then edgestitched about 1/8" away from the edge. I did not bother to get my edgestitching foot as I was so lazy to do so ;)

I hemmed fabric piece A.

For the next steps I will be using a photo of a skirt I made usign following the same procedures as I forgot to take photos of these steps while making the Lemonade Skirt.

Gather together both skirt pieces. You can use a ruffler foot but don't worry if you don't have one. Just sew long straight stitches (I use 5.0) without backtracking. Pull the bobbin thread on the gathering stitches to gather the skirt. You can pin your waistband piece on the skirt or just sew right away, folding the waistband piece as you would with a bias tape. 

Edgestitch. Pull out the gathering stitches by pulling the bobbin thread of the gathering stitches first. 

Align short side of both fabric piece A and B, right sides up. Place the zipper on top of it, edges of the fabric and the zipper aligned, with the zipper facing down as shown below. The zipper I used is about 

Pin and sew straight stitches using your zipper foot. Do not sew all the way through your zipper's length. 

I have sewn just 6" of the 10" long zipper I used. I just marked where I would have to stop sewing and sewed on where the mark was. Repeat the same procedure to the other side to sew on the zipper. 

Now you have both sides with the zipper on. I hope you can see the curved pencil mark on the picture below. This mark is 1/2" away from where you've sewn the zipper and I have just drawn a curved mark so I will know where to sew later. You would have to get all the fabric pieces (not sewn yet), do not include the unsewn zipper. Sew all the fabric pieces together using straight stitches starting from the hem. When you get to the part where you made the curved mark, just follow the mark and sew straight stitches following the curve. However with the Lemonade skirt, I decided to separate both layers. Instead of sewing all fabric pieces all at once, I took both unsewn sides of fabric piece B and sewed them together. To sew together fabric piece A, I had to make a short slit before I sewed.

Now, get the elastic band and sew it on the inside (center) of the waist band. As my daughter's waistline is 22", I cut my elastic band to 20" and sewed it on the waistband.

And you're finished! Here's my princess modeling the skirt for me.

The Li'l Guy wanted his picture taken, of course!

We did this photo shoot (sort of ^^) in our garden ^^)

I hope you liked today's tutorial! If you want to see more of our tutorials, just go here. Have a great sunday everyone!

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