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Fabric Coloring Book Cover Sewing Tutorial by Lidija Mik

This tutorial was first seen and published at the BluDor Magazine.
Everybody, please welcome Lidija and her fabric coloring book  cover tutorial. Lidija also shared her at TSWL her tutorial for this Cargo Pant to Dress Repurposing project. Lidija also owns an Etsy shop

where you can find more of her sewing tutorials!

Enjoy the tutorial!


This is something that I did for a boy who love tractors and all cars that you could imagine. My idea was to have a coloring book inside my “fabric bag” together with a blank book for his illustrations. I also did put the handles on the sides and elastic for easy closure, after all it was for somebody who has just 4 years.

I was in a hurry and I didn’t found the tutorial on the Google (I know I didn’t search long enough). So I’m not sure if I did see similar tutorial with all the elements that I did place them here, but I think I did make one version by my memory maybe from different sites. Really don’t remember. At the end I did realize I need to make one more for my little girl, and I will make it with wider pen pockets, so my girl will have a place for crayons too. But because this is so fun and funky maybe I will make one more for myself for my art journaling too. The most important, if you like it, now here is my version of tutorial; and I’m sure you will get an idea of some extra pocket…have fun.

Just two picture of finished fabric coloring book.
PS I did use a serger, but you don’t need it. If you will watch the picture, you will see that most of the seams are even not visible…so use a zig zag stitch instead. I was just too lazy to thing ahead where I need to make finished seam and where not. This is actually so simple project that I was playing with my kid when I did make this, so it is totally perfect for beginner.

All the fabric pieces that you need for the project; with one that I didn’t have on this picture (the rectangle on the center where the book is place in to the fabric cover.1. Front Cover; background fabric (a little bigger then your blank book is) + 1 cm on all sides for seam allowance2. Inside Flaps; the same size then 1. just cut in the center (for the inside cover)3. Handles; you could use string instead4. Pencil Pocket rectangle; with 1 cm for seam allowance on all sides)5. Inside Pockets (the bigger is placed on back cover for a coloring book (this two are optional)

From scraps of fabric I did make a name letters for Miha. I did use double sided fusible web (you iron the paper with glue on the fabric, and then cut the letters and then peel the paper off and iron letters on fabric).

Cut the letters from fabric.

Zig zag sewing on the letters edges.

On right there are two handles before I did turn them around. Other pieces are just serged on all edges.

All steps of making pencils pockets:1. Make nice finished edge, because here will be a lot of traffic with pencils in and out
2. Place the pencil on fabric and fold it, so you will see how high the pockets will be. Make the edge seam on both sides 1 cm from the edge; turn the pocket around.
3. Drawing lines for sewing smaller pockets
4. Finished Pencil Pockets.

Turn around the handles. I did sew the smaller Inner Pockets on an Inside Pockets so I will be able to put the coloring book inside of the back pocket. (White arrow). The Black arrow shows that I will flop over the edge (1-2 cm) of the center fabric and then I will make a seam. Look at the next picture.

Finished Insides Covers and Pencil Pockets.

On the Finished Cover pin both handles and also 2 cm wide elastic.

Make a seam 0.5 cm form the edge. Now it is good time to sew the Pencil Pockets like on the picture.

Place Inside Covers on the Green Cover right side on right side. Like on next picture.

On the center of the fabric cover sandwich is one more rectangle fabric piece that is wider then the hole between both Inside Covers. This part is good for nicer finished edge on the center of the Fabric Cover (the place where the book will be inside of fabric flaps). Make seam all-around 1 cm form the edge.

Before you will turn around the entire “fabric mountain” cut the 4 corners so you will reduce the fabric bulk. Then place two Cardboards on both sides so the flaps will be nicer and not so soft. At the last go to a store for a new book and pencils and don’t forget to enjoy.


I hope you liked Lidija's tutorial. Don't forget to check her blog here for more of her free tutorials and DIY projects. and check out her Etsy shop for her fab babies and toddler-stuff tutorials.

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