Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy and Quick Envelope Toss Pillow covers Tutorial

Looking for a handmade housewarming, birthday, christmas or mother's day gift? 

Why not make some of these quick and easy-to-make envelope toss pillows! It would take you only 10 minutes to sew one of these!

My toss pillows are 50 cms. by 50 cms.
So I cut my fabric piece as follows:
1 pc. 55 cms. x 55 cms.
1 pc. 38 cms. x 55 cms.
1 pc. 30 cms. x 55 cms.

Hem one side of both smaller pieces.

Get the smallest hemmed piece and your square piece. align the raw edges of both fabrics, right sides facing together. Sew straight stitches all through this side. Get the remaining fabric piece and sew it with straight stitches on the opposite side.

Bring both hemmed pieces to the center of the square piece and sew basting stitches to fix them in place.

Here you can see the left side plus the center with the basting stitches.

Here's the right side and the basting stitches in the center.

Now, sew on with straight stitches the unsewn sides.

Well of course, you can just pin the fabrics together and sew straight stitches all through out the four sides. But I am too lazy to pin so I sew my pillowcases this way ^^)

Clip all four tips.

Turn your pillowcase inside-out and sew straight stitches all through out the four sides 1/4" away from the edge.

You're done! That easy!

You can leave it as is or you can add something for closure (buttons and buttonholes, velcro, etc.)

Now that you've finished one, make more!
You can make mismatched ones.

You can make matched toss pillowcovers!


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Sunny said...

The pillows are great. I am going to be making some for our sun room.



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