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Vote for TSWL's Finest of 2011

Who will be our first ever TSWL's Finest of the year? All of the title contenders are fabulous and I know, it would be very hard for you to choose just one winner! But to encourage you a little bit (wink! ^^), we are offering lots of prizes here at TSWL not just for the TSWL's Finest winner but also for the top blog referrer and for you! Yes, you! And you won't even need a blog to join! Read on to know how.

If you're new to TSWL, first and foremost, welcome! So, you might be wondering what is this TSWL's Finest thing?
We started this last March 2011.

Check here how this works.

But for the finals, the TSWL's Finest of the Year winner will get more than free advertisement here at TSWL! 

TSWL's Finest of 2011 will get prizes with more than $200 price value!


and a sponsor spot for 6 months here at TSWL.

* * *

So, you have a blog but you aren't competing in our TWSL contest? Then, blog about this contest+giveaway, share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. But DO NOT forget to tell your friends and followers to tell us that YOU referred them to vote and join the giveaway

When they join the giveaway, they would just have to include your blog's name and write it where they're asked to and that's that! (Of course, you can also join the giveaway below as it is open to EVERBODY! you'll get twice the chance to win something!) This is open to all bloggers

So, if you're the the top blog referrer, you will get these prizes with a value of $90!


 and a sponsor spot for 3 months here at TSWL.

* * *

So, you don't have a blog? No fret! You can still vote and join the giveaway OPEN to everybody, WORLDWIDE! How? Just complete the mandatory entries in the Rafflecopter form below. If you want more chances of winning, then check the extra entries you can gain! Wanna know the prizes at stake? More than $50 in value!

* * *

Are you ready to vote?
To help you know and choose which project to vote for, click here. Then come back to vote and join the giveaway below.

VOTE HERE (you can vote for 1 project daily until January 14, 12:01 AM):

After voting, it's time to join the giveaway. Don't forget to come back everyday for the daily entries!

If the Rafflecopter form does not load at once, just refresh or reload your page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest and giveaway will run until the 14th of January, 12:01 AM EST. The winners will be announced on the same day.

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10 lovely people left a warm message!:

BohemianSin said...

June's Finest - Beautiful Frame, Fabulously Flawed -I ve voted for it cause the result it fits my taste: it is a lil bit vintage, a lil bit romantic and fun to do!And it is a project that i would like to try!

Pam said...

I voted for December's wreath because it's original and funky and I think it looks like something I might like to try to make. Also, with different colours, you could make it for all kind of occasions, I think.

melacan at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I have voted for Layla of the summer bag,artfully caroline.It will be suitable for Summer we having at present.I know i will love this bag.

Kreatita T said...

I voted for the Suitcase chair, because I loved that one absolutely the most :)

Audra @ The Kurtz Corner said...

I voted for myself, yayyyy! :) Please vote for my tulle Christmas wreath!

Kristin said...

Thanks so much for including me in this contest! I greatly appreciate it!!

Domestically Unemployed

Brittney said...

I voted for Aprils fineset because I love all the fabrics in the bag!
babybensmamam at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

i just tried to vote for my favorite and it says "polls closed".... it is supposed to be open until 1/14/12 12:01 am est :-/

ToSewWith Love said...

Hi, Anonymous. First of all, thanks for voting and participating!

As polldaddy time is not in EST time, i did converted my local time to EST and set the poll to end on the converted time. I did trust my conversion was right. I am so sorry if it caused any inconvenience on your part or others who still wanted to vote. It was never my intention...


DealiriousMama said...

oh shoot! sorry I missed this one. Looked fun. :)
Roxanne @ Children Teaching Mama


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