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Blogiversary Blast Day 27: Lesha's Workshop and Birthday Bash Day 12: Pieces of Me Pendants + Dabblelicious

Before we proceed to today's giveaway, let us announce first who won this giveaway:

And the lucky winner is...

Congratulations, Lori. Please reply in 48 hrs. to the email we sent you. Thanks!

And for today's giveaway, we have a lovely prize package from three gorgeous handmade shops. Get to know each of them!


The first sponsor for today's giveaway is a lovely handmade shop owned and ran by Lesha Denega.

She also has another shop called

Let us get to know here while I show you the lovely items you'd find in her shop!

Hello! My name is Lesha and like making things. As I child I invented paper (you didn't know that, did you?) and mint tea (which Tazo has perfected, ahem). In seriousness, keeping myself occupied is a fulltime job, mentally speaking, and I love making things of usefulness because, well, they *do* something. 

I love making so much I trained to be an architect and after a Master's degree, I realized it was not the profession for me. So instead, I use my limited powers of creation to make this, that, and the other. 

Hence, the Workshop part - because I never met a project that couldn't use another project distracting me. (And rarely in the same group of crafts!) I get it all done in the end, and I hope you like the results. 
Read more in my Featured Seller article here.
If you have a question, I am exceedingly chatty, so fire away. I also have a shop on vacation called TheImaginationSquad.

Coming soon is a shop devoted to detashing my, well, stash, and selling vintage and upcycled goods; its currently on vacation: LeshasDestashRehash
And on a totally unrelated note, here's some information you would get if you had coffee with me.

Here's some things I like (not in order):

☆End of bolt specials

☆My Family
☆Audio Books 
☆Books (did I mention that?)
☆Orchids and mine in particular
☆Quantum Physics (really)
☆Clean Towels
☆Mint yarn finds at vintage stores
☆Addi Turbo Knitting Needlesl
☆My husband and our dogs Charlie and Mac*

If you want to get to know Lesha a little bit more, you can visit her blog here. Looking at Lesha's shop, I could already feel the warmth her items would give me on a cool winter day!


Our second sponsor is a lovely handmade shop owned and ran by Lisa Philp who is based in Canada. Lisa designs and creates all of the eye candies you see in her shop. Let me show you some of my favorites!

#1 Sister Pendant (would totally love this for my sis and my daughter! ^^)

Pink Ball Chain Necklace (Way too cute!)

Don't you just love the adorable handmade items in Lisa's shop! You can also find her shop here. And don't forget to enjoy the ongoing offer in her Etsy shop:

For Every 3 Pendants Purchased (Scrabble or Round or Mixed) receive 1 FREE Chain! Available: FREE 17" Snake Chain OR FREE Ball Chain (your length choice).


And lastly, but definitely not the least, is our third sponsor for this giveaway is a lovely handmade shop owned and ran by Chinwei Loo.

Chinwei blogs, plays the piano and even posts videos of her playing the piano and singing! So talented!
Let us get to know this talented artist while I show you my most favorites in this shop!

Here’s what *dabblelicious* conjures up for me:

play with abandon, splatter and create with one’s hands, experiment without restraint, delightful whimsicality

an emphasis, food food glorious food, awesomeness

My avatar:
June 2008, Moore River Estuary, Guilderton.
This photo of my footprint really resonated with me. I had just turned 30 and it evoked plenty of feelings and emotions - adventure. leaving my mark. challenges. taking small steps. my own terms. change. fear. excitement. uncertainty. hope.
I love that this multifaceted and seemingly embossed footprint represents me. I am a walking contradiction :)

Typewriter Love No. 14

I grew up in metropolitan Malaysia and now live in beautiful, laid back Perth, Western Australia. I've been working as an Accountant for a decade and really missed being a bookworm, being creative, playing the piano for hours on end, day dreaming, admiring sunsets...I missed my right brain.

Awaken, Typewriter Love No. 19

So I threw my job in and spent 6 months doing all that and more, hoping for some epiphany and clarity. Was it wishful thinking? Yes. Did I relish in it? Yes. Were there dark moments? Yes. Would I do it all again?
Hell yeah.

The Right Path, Cherry Blossom Series

I'm dabble-prone. I never know what I'll feel like exploring. I can't devote myself to one pursuit as there are so many things that inspire me. There's a common theme though...making pieces of art with my little hands satisfies me.

Pandora, Avatar Series

And so I find myself on Etsy!

Special thanks to those who've added me to treasuries, favourites and circles, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share my work here :)*

I just love her talent and creativity!


If you'd like to win this prize package:

all you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter form making sure you follow the instructions. If the form doesn't load, simply refresh the page.

This giveaway will end on December 7, 12:01 a.m. EST.

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Blogiversary Blast Day 26: Kica Bijoux Studio and Birthday Bash Day 11: Designs by Derilyn

I know I have been slacking off my blogging schedule. As you can see, the blogiversary giveaway is still on day 26 yet we are already on the 29th day of the month! : ( That makes me so sad... If not for my scheduled posts, I don't know what would I've done. And of course, thanks to al of our sponsors for being so patient with me. You are all awesome! ^^)

I am so sorry lovelies if our page is loading slow for you due to high photo content but I just can't post any giveaway without showcasing my sponsor's lovely items. I always view my posts once they're published and I've never had loading problems. 
Some might complain that the blog is losing it's content and it's just pretty photos. I beg to disagree. They're not just pretty photos. they're handmade items made with lots of TLC. I know, we don't have the best content but we are always striving to give you something - a tutorial, a handmade post, a giveaway - to look forward to each week. 
We are in the process and we are learning each day... so we hope that you'll bear with us, blunders and all ^^)

And for today's giveaway post, we have another prize package from two lovely handmade shops.


Our first sponsor is a gorgeous handmade shop owned and ran by Kasia Kaletka who is based in Poland. 

She also has another shop

In Kasia's eyes, the world is magical. Every little thing has it's own beauty and soul. Kasia would like you to see the world through her eyes with her creations!
I definitely have seen the loveliness, charm and soul she's talking about. Let us tour her shop while we share with you her interview!


Sweet Chocolate with chili earrings

What is your shop's design and aesthetics philosophy?

Kasia: I think i don't have one! I really try to create with all my heart and soul, i try to do my best.  That's all. On the other hand, i usually create my jewelry from oxidized copper so because of that, i think my shop and design have some interesting rustic look.

End of summer earrings


Wild Ivy wrapped ring

You have lots of really original designs.... where do you find the inspiration?

Kasia: I am inspired by all bunch of things. Everyday things, ancient jewelry, world that surround me, and most of all i am inspired by nature. I recently make series of leafs earrings, and i just try to create them similar to real autumn leaves. 

Sunflower garden ring

How is your typical "creative" day?

Kasia: I don't have typical creative day:) Sometimes i just don't have much time for creating, because of my day job, and when i come back home in the late afternoon i just sit and create some simple jewelry, just to relax, and sometimes i just create all day long. Jewelry, bookmarks, i make tutorial, and in meantime try to answer mails, and public some blog post. It really depends on a day.

Aside from your jewelry shop, you also have Lavandula's art. How and where did this shop start?

Kasia: I am really creative soul. I love to play with paper, photography, and so on. I play on piano, and recently try a decopuage, so i just thought that i need some place on etsy when i can show also all other things i make. In the beginning of my Lavandula shop was rather a distraction from jewelry, but  now i like it more and more, and try to give lots of love to my Lavanduala shop too:)


Snowflake Beauty necklace

How do you manage with both business?

Kasia: It's really hard, but i try to give both my shop as much time as i can. I really would like to have much more time to manage this shop better!

Is there any advice you can give to anybody who would like to venture to handcrafting and into making it their full-time business?

Kasia: First of all you have love what you do! I think everything else with come with that:)

Dragon Eye wire wrapped necklace

And for the helpless DIY-ers out there, Kasia has tutorials for you!

Wire-wrapped jewelry tutorial

If you'd like to get to know Kasia a little bit more, do visit her blog here.


Our next sponsor is a SAHM who owns and manages a lovely shop whose Cookie Nummie Monsters were nominated for Invention of the Year by the Mom's In Business Unite 2011 conference in San Diego, CA! wow!

Let us get to know more about Derilyn while I show you my favorites from her shop full of handmade goodness!

Hand-painted e-reader padded cover

Hello, my name is Derilyn and I am the mother of two beautiful little girls and have now become a stay at home mom after working hard in the retail arena for 15 years. 

I have decided to put my creative and artistic talents to use and share my products with you, I hope you enjoy them!

 Hot Pink Princess Cookie Nummie Plush Monster With Detachable Poofy Tutu

I have been making crafts and artwork since I was a little girl but I have never before tried to sell anything I have made, so I hope I can finally make this work! 

Please browse through my collections, and feel free to contact my with any questions or feedback you may have for me. I am new to this, but I am ABSOLUTELY committed to providing the highest quality of workmanship and will do everything I can to make sure you are happy by items you purchase from me. 

Hand-painted cherry blossoms kid's purse

It has been a little over a year since I started this adventure, and I want to thank all my customers from the bottom of my heart for your support.

You, and all of the people who have given me feedback and love, have given me the confidence and courage I desperately needed to make this venture a success. I'm not quite there yet, but because of all of you I think I am definitely on my way! Thank you all sooooooo much!*


Hand-painted diaper bag and changing pad

I just love all of the handmade items in Derilyn's shop! OOAK plushies and hand-painted goodies!


If you'd like to win this prize package:

all you have to do is fill up the Rafflecopter form below making sure you follow the instructions carefully. If the Rafflecopter form does not load, just reload or refresh the page.

This giveaway will end on December 6, 12:01 am, EST.

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