Monday, October 31, 2011

Fabulous Sponsored Giveaway by Bohemia Jewellery

I have been MIA for a week but it doesn't mean our Fabulous Sponsored Giveaway is also missing in action. Today, we will all treat you to a really drool worthy handmade shop in Etsy. Welcome everyone to another

This week's sponsor is a lovely shop called
 owned and ran by Nikki Felice, an MA Theology graduate who is passionate about colorful handmade jewellery. She's a mother to two and a wife to one ^^) She lives in Malta and if you are a local, you could find her jewelleries at the luxurious Xara Palace Hotel in Mdina. If you want to get to know Nikki a little bit more, check her business profile here and her Etsy profile here.
 Nikki's shop is Bohemian and Gypsy-inspired with so many rich colors, you will surely find more than one that would suit your taste. 

I love her Beaded Hoop Earrings. Let me share with you a few of my favorites!

This pair of copper filigree discs with turquoise crytals made it to Etsy's front page. No wonder! With it's carribean summer air, it's an accessory must-have!

This captivatingly chic pair of Aqua wire-wrapped brass hoops will definitely add a "wow" factor to any outfit!

Paint the town red with this whimsical pair of Red earrings with freshwater pearls. The red freshwater pearls combined with bronze crystals and gold-filled wire creates an amazingly mysterious air.

Now, why don't we tour Nikki's Colorful Beaded Jewelleries? This exceptionally beautiful large pair of Aqua Quartz briolette earrings is a sophisticated accessory!

 This stunning Plum Briolette necklace with its rich, velvety colors is beckoning autumn. Such an impressive piece!

 And of course, there are also beautiful Beaded Bracelets such as this colorful Fall-inspired chunky bracelet. The perfect accessory that will surely go with any outfit!


There are also different Beaded Hoop Pendants you can choose from! 
This amazingly stunning Mango Hoop Pendant is indeed a head-turner!

 This pair of ethereal Bohemian earrings are simple yet chic! So pretty! 

 This pair of Simple dark green copper hoops has the perfect bohemian air!

Another pair of stunning bohemian jewellery is this pair of amethyst and carnelian gemstone earrings! A sublime pair of beautiful jewellery!

 I am sure you are all now as enchanted as I am with Bohemian Jewellery's creations!
And guess what? One of you will be the lucky winner to take home this lovely prize worth $32.00 plus free shipping worldwide!

 And when you win this lovely necklace, you could also get this matching necklace and earrings!

 So, if you want to have the chance to win this lovely necklace with pendant, you only need to fill up the Rafflecopter form below. Do make sure to follow the instructions carefully as we verify the drawn winner. And do make sure to be back here on the 7th of November to see if you won!


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Halloween Boo Laminated Decoration

Halloween is coming!

And I made a little something for princess H.

 I printed out Hello Kitty Halloween stuffs that I got from the internet.

Traced them on a colored paper ( i used origami sheets with mine ). I chose the colors I liked.

Cut them.
Using a small pair of scissors would help most specially cutting on the small pieces.

And glued the parts together according to it's places like a jigsaw puzzle.
Apply only a small amount of glue and only on the edges.
But if you won't laminate it later or if you'd use adhesive in replacement of lamination, be sure to put enough glue to keep the sides together but be sure to keep it clean. Do nut use too much glue or your paper will look crumpled due to the bubbles.

Laminated them.
If you don't have a lamination device, you can use adhesive tapes, the huge ones just like what I used to do before I finally got mine.

Cut them ready for the final steps.

And finally I took a string, arranged my cut-outs for the design I wanted them to be and attached them on the ceiling/wall.

You can also use these procedures for baby mobiles and ornaments.
I hope you liked it!
Have fun and enjoy making them with your kids!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crafty Saturday (on a Sunday! ^^) Party No. 44 and TSWL's Finest of October 2011 Final Votation

Hi, ladies! It's good to be back! I've been MIA for a week and it already felt like it's been ages since the last time I have blogged! lol ^^) Officially, by the first of november, I will be a SAHM again. Yes, the car rental company for which I am working is already closed and we had just been cleaning the cars so it will be ready for the next season. We had been cleaning cars like crazy and I actually thought I will have time to blog for at least an hour every night but I arrive home too tired for anything else. So, please forgive us for posting late our link-up party post. But then, better late than never, right?! ^^)
 Plus, the link-up party will be posted together with the TSWL's Finest of October 2011 Final votation round which I hope is ok with you... ^^)

And now, for our 44th Crafty Saturday Party we are so excited about the fabulous linked up projects from last week! 

But before I show you the featured projects, let us congratulate first the two most voted projects which will make it to the finals and will complete the finalists of TSWL's finest of October 2011. And they are...

 Silky Fairy Wings, Cat on a Limb

Monarch Butterfly Dress Painting, Wildflowers & Whimsy

Congratulations, Catherine and April for making it to the final round of TSWL's finest October 2011! And thanks to all nominees and everyboy who voted!

Speaking of TSWL's Finest, here are the other finalists of October 2011:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3
Henna Design Paper Lanterns, Khadija, Creative Mind

Now, it's time for you to vote for your most favorite bet to win as TSWL's Finest of October 2011.

Thanks for voting, ladies! Don't forget to come back everyday to vote again! You can also vote directly from our sidebar.

And now, for the featured projects I am really excited about (in no particular order) and are nominaed for the elimination round of week 1 of TSWL's finest of November 2011:

Autumn Bloom Crochet Cushion, Sweet Bee Buzzings

 Baby Hulk Costume, The Sasse Life

Marbled Marshmallows, Domestically Unemployed

 Autumn Leaves Wreath, The Crafty Scientist

 Rainbow Butterfly Trinket Tutorial, She Said Whaaat?

No sew Pumpkin Poufs, C.W. Frosting

If you were featured, we would really love for you to grab this featured button and place it somewhere on your blog (pretty please with cherries on top! ^^)... thanks! We really appreciate that! 

<a href=””> <img border="0" src="" /></a>

And if you have some spare time, do vote for the 2 projects which you think should make it to the final round of TSWL's finest of November 2011. You can vote for 2 projects, once per day until next friday. Thanks!

Thanks for voting! And do keep on linking up. Isn't it great to inspire and be inspired in return!

To link up, we'd really love for you to the the following things (they're not rules just guidelines ^^):

1. Link up the url of your specific post not your blog. This would make it easier for others to follow your post.

2. Kindly grab our button and place it in your blog where others can see so they could also join the party. The more, the merrier! ^^)

<a href=””> <img border="0" src="" /></a>

3. Show some lovin’, love! Visit other bloggers, tell them how fabulous their projects are and that you found us through us. Wouldn’t it be nice to make somebody smile or make their day a little bit more special? ^^)

Now, let's party! ^^)


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