Friday, September 30, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Tyra Handmade Jewelery

How's your friday, lovelies? I hope you are all having a lovely day. Today, we will introduce you to another lovely shop for today's

But before that, let me take this opportunity to first announce the winner of 

There were 279 entries (wow!) and it would have been impossible for me to draw a winner out of the so many entries. So, I left that task to ^^) and here's our drawn winner...

Congratulations, Brenda. Do claim your prize by sending us an email with your choice of rings and earrings and your shipping address. If unclaimed after 48 hours, we will draw a new winner. Thanks!

Now, on to our Sponsor Spotlight for today. This fab sponsor really creates gorgeous pieces of jewelery specifically modern, bridal and personalized initial-stampled jewelery!

This lovely shop is called

and yes, you've guessed it right! The talent behind the shop is Tyra. She designs and creates every handmade item you can see in her shop

If you are looking for jewelery items with that wow factor, then this shop is the one for you. She even specializes in bridal items like bridesmaid gifts!

 You can choose from bridesmaid necklaces such as these personalized initial-stampled with birthstone necklaces which comes in a set of 5. It's a simple yet elegant necklace your bridesmaid would truly love to have! You can also purchase it individually as a special gift for that special woman in your life or for yourself!

Bridesmaid gifts,5 necklaces,Personalized initial and birthstone,Gold filled,wedding jewelry,Monogram jewelry,custom

You can also find a set of 4 pair of earrings customizable with the birthstone of each and every bridesmaid in your entourage! It will even be packaged as gift individually!

Bridesmaid gifts, 4 sets of Orchid flower,Custom birthstone Earrings, Wedding jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, Flower girl

How about this Silver necklace with matching earrings which comes in a set of 3 as a special bridesmaid gift? A gorgeous jewelery piece your bridesmaid will surely treasure!

3 sets Wedding Jewelry, Orchid sterling Silver necklace,Pearls strand,flower girl, Bridesmaid gift, Bridal jewelry

Oh,so you're not getting married (yet) or you're already married? Well, this shop has practically everything and anything to suit every taste and preference.

These necklaces must be one of the most delicate yet stylish items I've seen in my life!

This gold orchid and pearl necklace is one of my (so many) favorites! 

Gold Orchid flower and pearl on GOLD Filled Necklace, Birthday gift, flower girl, Bridesmaids gift, Wedding jewelry

It even comes with a matching pair of earrings

Pretty Gold four orchid and little pearl on gold filled earrings(silver available)

and bracelet!

Personalized Initial leaf and orchid bracelet with white pearl,Gold Version, monogrammed, personalized, wedding gift jewelry

Triple Orchid flowers Sterling Silver Necklace,Pearl necklace,Birthday gift, Flower girl, Wedding Jewelry, Bridesmaid gifts

This Lariat Orchid flowers necklace is so stylish and feminine!

Elegant lariat Orchid Flowers STERLING Silver Necklace, Birthday, Bridesmaid gifts, Bridal Wedding Jewelry

Personalized initial necklace,Gold Orchid leaf initial and birthstone,customize,bridesmaid gifts,wedding jewelry,bridal jewelry

This gorgeous necklace featuring a gold aspen leaf and customizable with your birthstone of choice is so stylish and impressive! It also comes in silver!

Bridesmaid gift,Gold Aspen leaf and Smoky Topaz lariat necklace,fall winter wedding,wedding bridal jewelry,mother gift

This Lovely bird and turquoise nest necklace is dainty and darling! Such a pretty piece and would make a perfect gift for somebody who like blue! 

Original Signature Design,Lovely Bird and blue turquoise sterling silver chain Nest Necklace

And you shouldn't miss all of these pretty and precious earrings handmade with love by Tyra!

Pretty silver trio orchid flowers and AAA grade shell pearls earring

Most of you should already know by now that I LOVE pearls! So when I saw this exquisite gift set of AAA Grade Freshwater Pearl necklace and earrings, I fell in love with it. The necklace can even be personalized with your initials!

AAA Grade Freshwater Pearls Necklace and Earrings,Personalized initials,Bridesmaid,Couple,Anniversary,Birthday gift,

I'm sure you have now fallen in love with Tyran's handmade jewelery! You could clearly see how much she loves what she does!
If you want to be updated on what's new on her shop, follow her on Facebook to also be updated on special offers and deals! 

And don't forget to check back tomorrow for our special giveaway featuring the three handmade shops we have featured in our Sponsor Spotlight posts!

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies!


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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fabulous Sponsored Giveaway: Quite Qwerty

If you're a regular here, then you must already know that aside from window-shopping on Etsy, my favorite pastime is organizing

And what's great about Etsy is that you get to discover lots of lovely handmade shops all over the world! I must be very lucky the day I discovered this lovely shop on Etsy as when I approached the owner, she agreed to sponsor a giveaway here at TSWL! Fate must have intervened because a few days later, she opened her own shop!

This gorgeous shop is based in Singapore (Yes, honey! We're going straight to the southeast asia for this fab giveaway! ^^) I've never really seen Singapore as we've already been there for stop-overs for our visits to the Philippines. (But, I could say Singapore has one of the best airports! We always fly with Singapore Airlines and eventhough I'm quite hesitant about the food served onboard, I could honestly say that the food we were always served were exquisite! And oh, the last time we've been to Singapore, my hubby bought me a really lovely necklace with a jade pendant! ^^) 


Shurong, who agreed to sponsor a giveaway here at TSWL, is such a gem to work with and their shop, a heaven for accessories-lovers like me!

Lola - Vintage Gold Bow Necklace
Lola Vintage Gold Bow Necklace

The items you'd see in her shop were all handmade with love, and the quality materials personally handpicked by Shurong. 

Vintage Pink Jade Rose Ring (Adjustable)
Vintage Pink Jade Rose Ring

Her handmade items are fun, whimsical, vintage-inspired and  one-of-a-kind which are produced in a limited number of pieces for each item. She is so friendly and approachable so if ever you have any doubts or inquiries, you only need to send her a convo and she'll surely be in touch with you!

Vintage Typewriter Key Ring

This Vintage Typewriter Key ring is such an interesting vintage-inspired piece. The keys are printed, mounted on wood which has a painted back and sealed with two layers of gloss for that extra protection. The key is mounted on an antique bronze adjustable ring for an ensured fit. 

Come Away With Me - Hot Air Balloon Necklace

I love the sweetness of this vintage-looking Hot Air Balloon necklace called Come Away With  Me. It even has a golden flower and pearl charm! Lovely!

Amethyst Crystal Cluster Necklace

I absolutely love this unique Amethyst Crystal Cluster necklace, coated with 22k gold around the sides and preciously hangs on a high-quality long, antique bronze chain. Really an eye-catching beauty!

Boho Beaded Bracelets

These Boho Beaded bracelets, which come as a set, is casual and chic at the same time. Their perfectly subtle sophistication is charming!

Singing In the Rain - Umbrella Ear Studs

These petite Singing in the Rain Umbrella Ear studs are adorably dainty and darling! Subtle enough for everyday wear and it's uniqueness is eye-catching enough to impress!

Agate Slice Necklace (Ice on Fire)

This Ice on Fire Agate Slice Necklace is absolutely a gorgeous, eye-catching piece with vivid colors that makes it appear like it glows! Irresistibly glamorous! 

Hanging Orchids

I am sure that like me, you would also have a hard time choosing only one favorite. It's really hard to cut your choices to just one especially with all those lovely items! But if I were to choose just one, then I would surely be picking this lovely Secret Heart necklace .

Secret Heart

This beautiful white silver necklace has a dainty pastel pendant, a versatile piece which is casual and chic at the same time! I love it's "barely there" look which actually gives it a "can't miss it" character. 

And guess what, ladies? One of you will win

Excited?! Yay!

Joining is really so easy! You only have to fill up the Rafflecopter below and follow the instructions for each of the entry. The winning entry will be verified and the drawn winner will have to claim her prize in 48 hrs. If the prize is unclaimed, then we would have to draw a new winner.

Have fun everyone and good luck!
Have a lovely day!


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Petitor

I love accessories especially jewelleries. 
I love gold more than silver. 
And I love simple and dainty jewellery items more than the chunky ones. I do love looking at colorful and chunky jewelleries but the ones I actually buy and wear are the simple and dainty ones. Something like it's barely there but then people can't help but noticing the piece you're wearing. As the widely-used expression says "Less is more" and the very same goes to my accessories. 

Practically all of my jewellery items are gold and dainty ones except for some silver items which were given to me as gifts. 
And everytime I use each and every item, I always get compliments at how pretty and feminine they are. I sometimes am surprised that people actually notice them (as most are really subtle and delicate). 
And yes, I always wear my jewellery everyday. A pair of small earrings, my wedding rings(which I never take off), a ring and a necklace with pendant. All of the other items, with the exception of my wedding rings (yes, I have two but only married to one ^^), are changed depending on my mood. ^^)

Imagine my delight when one day, while doing my favorite pastime (Etsy window shopping! ^^) I discovered a really gorgeous shop filled with dainty and delicate jewellery items which I would actually buy and wear! And imagine my delight when the owner of the shop agreed to sponsor a giveaway here in TSWL! I was over the moon!

The shop I am talking about is called

and it is filled with so many eye-candies!

So for today's

let us introduce you to this gorgeous handmade shop and to the lovely lady behind it.

Petitor offers quality handmade jewelery casual enough to be worn everyday yet elegant  enough to be worn when you would like to impress without being over accesorized.

Courtney, the talent behind the shop, works with 14 karat gold filled materials, sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones and crystals among other things! Take the time to browse her shop and you'll know right away that this talented lady knows what she's doing and is passionate with it! That what makes her shop and her creation special- you could actually imagine yourself wearing it, loving it  and enjoying it everyday. 

Since Courtney wanted to provide us jewelery we could wear everyday, she makes sure high quality materials are used for each and every piece she creates. You will be assured you will be enjoying your special Petitor item  for a long time!

The very first item that caught my eye is this Vintage Emerald Necklace

Vintage Emerald Necklace - simple round green crystal 14 karat gold filled everyday jewelry by petitor

But then I also love this lovely Pearl necklace.

Everyday Pearl Necklace - simple white and pink freshwater pearl 14k gold filled jewelry by petitor

I love the elegant simplicity of each item. I could actually imagine myself wearing these everyday. I also find these pieces versatile enough to be worn both with casual and formal clothing. That's what I loved about Petitor's items- simplicity and versatility!

There are so many beautiful pieces in this shop I could hardly make up my mind and just choose one or two. If only I have lots of fun money, then maybe I would buy each and every item! But a girl can dream, can't she? ^^)

Gold Star Necklace - vermeil charm pendant pink crystal 14 karat gold filled everyday jewelry by petitor
Gold Star Necklace

Looking at the lovely items in this shop made me wonder about the talent behind each and every piece. Just looking at her work, I have quickly concluded myself that she must be passionate about what she does as you can clearly see in each item she creates. 

Paris Eiffel Tower Necklace - fun oxidized sterling silver and moonstone jewelry by petitor
Paris Eiffel Tower Necklace

But won't you just love to know a little bit more the person behind the lovely creations? Well, wishes heard my lovelies! Courtney graciously agreed to be interviewed by us. We did enjoy the interview with her and we hope you will, too. 

Gold Bar Necklace - simple minimalist skinny 14 karat gold dash jewelry by petitor
Gold Bar Necklace

Me: Hi, Courtney. could you tell us please what made you start your handmade shop?

Courtney: I knew my hands were going to be very useful one day. :) Growing up in an over achieving family was tough. I was taught that learning through books and becoming a scholar is far more important than doing things with hands. Although I was a painter and talented with my music instruments, I wasn't allowed to pursue my dream to become a hungry artist. 

But even God knows the most blessed part of my body are my hands. So I used them to create. 

Fall Dragonfly Bracelet- 14k gold filled layered seasonal multi strand jewelry by petitor
Fall Dragonfly Bracelet

I created simple house decorations, wedding decoration (our wedding was 100% handmade by me), friends baby shower as well as bridal shower and graduation parties. Among all those things, I loved making jewelry the most. I could sit on my desk for hours and hours, playing with beads and wires, drawing an idea when it comes up, and thinking about to whom I should give them. I felt like I finally found what was missing in my life.

Green Crystal Necklace - Cluster emerald swarovski 14k gold filled jewelry by petitor
Green Crystal Necklace

So when my 2-year break from the medical sales rep. position I held slowly became boring, I knew I had to do something. I mind as well do something I truly enjoy this time. My whole life, I did things to please others, especially my parents. It was my husband who opened up my thinking and supported me to do the things I love doing. I am forever grateful for his unconditional encouragement. 

Fortunately, I found Etsy and decided to give it a try as a seller. So there, my hunger to create something with my hands and my husband's support made me do what I do now.

Ruby Crystal Necklace - red crystal pendant 14 karat gold filled simple everyday jewelry by petitor
Ruby Crystal Necklace

Me: Your jewelery pieces are simple and casual yet elegant. Something many of us would definitely wear everyday to give our look that "special something" without looking over accessorized. Where do you get the inspiration in designing them?

Courtney: I make "simple everyday jewelry" because they are timeless and classic. I always keep in mind the quote "less is more" when I create. Out of all the jewelries I own through the year, the ones I can still wear today are the simple and minimal pieces.

Love Knot Necklace - great bridal, wedding, bridesmaids jewelry by petitor 

I get ideas and inspirations from old movies and pictures, as well as modern everyday lifestyle most people have. My hands start to get busy when I see a necklace from 3 decades ago in a movie which still is beautiful today without looking out dated. 

Hammered Gold Circle Necklace - everyday basic karma ring 14 karat gold filled jewelry by petitor 
Hammered Gold Circle Necklace

Me: You use a variety of materials in your designs. I can see beads, crystals, gemstones, gold and silver among other things. What is your most favorite combination?

Courtney: I fell in love with jewelry making because of the sparkling colorful gemstones. And now I am also very captivated by the precious metals like the gold and silver. They're so versatile in their shape and size, classic and timeless everyday materials. When these two are combined, I think they look heavenly.

Layered Star Bracelet - dainty twinkle charm double strands everyday jewelry by petitor
Layered Star Bracelet

Me: Where do you create? Can you describe to us your creative process? Any Eureka moment when creating?

Courtney: I have a spare room (aka the lab/studio) in our place where I am free to make a mess and experiment. I sketch on a piece of paper or type little memos on my phone (when I am away from home) about the ideas that just came up on my head. Then I go to my lab to test if the idea works. If it doesn't, I run a few more tests, using different materials. And then the final product is created. Sometimes, I already know it will work, and it really does work. Those are my lucky days. 

Sterling Silver Beads Necklace - round stardust dots delicate everyday jewelry by petitor
Sterling Silver Beads Necklace

My "Aha!" moments happen every day. Because I am self-taught at everything, I am constantly figuring out and discovering new things. My latest Eureka moment was just the other day when I realized this whole small business thing can be my career. It motivates me. I love Sunday nights thinking about the coming of a new day. I toook the plunge and my life really had its turn from the mommy's well-behaved daughter to a determined entrepreneur. And I am truly enjoying every moment of it.

 Pink Drop Earrings - simple everyday gemstone dangle earrings with 14k gold filled long ear hooks
Pink Drop Earrings

Don't you just love it when people pursue their dreams and just the fact of actually fighting for that dream already made a difference in their lives and that it actually made them a happier person? Such happiness would reflect not only to the better and happier person that they've become but also to eveything that is created out of that dream... out of that passion... out of that happiness.

"Follow your dream no matter how hard it may seem."
"Do what you love and love what you do."
"Be true to yourself and happiness will be yours."

I know this may already sound as clich√© as many learned mind have already told us time and time again the same thing. But if they haven't got tired of repeating it, it must be because they hold the truth... 
If you pursue your dream, do what you love and love what you do, you become a happier person. And when a person is happy, everything that surrounds him reflects that happiness.

Lariat Circle Necklace - gold vermeil geometric rings modern minimalist jewelry by petitor
Lariat Circle Necklace

I am sure you are already as smitten as I am over Courtney and her lovely shop.  If you'd like to be updated on what's new in Courtney's shop and those occasional special offers and deals, make sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter. She also has this lovely blog where you could get to know her a little bit more. 

So, ladies, don't forget to check back later this week  as Petitor has a lovely surprise for all of you - a giveaway you will all surely love!
Enjoy your day, everyone!
And keep that pretty smile on your lovely face!


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