Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Double Birthday Bash Giveaway Galore Winners

I have been so busy these past few days, ladies. Well, I am happy to tell you that I have a job as a receptionist for a local Rent-a-Car. With my English, Deutsch and Spanish language skills, the job is mine. There are a few Portuguese and French tourists, but with Spanish and Deutsch (some French people also speak Deutsch) or armed with my limited French, then no problem at all. No hard work and the office is only 5 minutes car drive away from where I live. Plus I will only work for the tourist season, that means until october. My working schedule would allow me to bring my kids to school and also fetch them, with one day off. Though it would mean I will be away from my craft room for the rest of the day, I still have my nights for the kids and my hobby. And during the winter season when most of the hotels here in our area are close, I get to dedicate all my time to my kids and my hobbies! Yay!

At first, I was undecided since I really wanted to teach here. But as of now, I haven't had any progress with the validation of my university and post-grad degrees here. It was denied the last time I tried. I might try to validate it again when I get my spanish nationality... maybe, it would be easier. 
It really made me mad that in the US, my degrees would be validated (I have lots of friends who are now in the US working with their degrees validated), even the UK! At first, I was mad and then depressed... 

But then two years ago, there was a bit of progress. Some of the Spanish universities for which I have applied considered my application for my MBA. Since I want to have my own business (maybe not now, but someday, I will ^^), I have decided to take MBA also to kill the time since I wasn't working that time.
Last year, after finishing my MBA, I have received an offer to work for a foreign language academy but that means I would have to travel 1 hour by car to go to work, and another 1 hour back home.
I just wouldn't want to waste more than 2 hours of my day to travel to work and back. Even if this means I would be earning 300€ less and wouldn't even be working in my field, I still prefer my work at the Rent-a-Car. 
It is still better than not having none at all. Maybe when my kids are bigger and older... maybe someday, we'd move (which I really think is not probable since we love where we live)... we are on the north part of the island and the city is on the south... 
But we live in a very lovely place I really don't think I'd give this up just to be closer to the city.

I love my kids! I love being a SAHM. But on the second week of September, school will start already.
I know, I would also be thankful for the short time I will be out of my house and meet and make some friends. Really, I have more bloggie buddies than real life friends here in Spain. Aside from the fact that I am an immigrant, and that aside from the family circle of my husband, I know almost nobody here. I have relatives in Madrid but that's still quite far from where we are! Sometimes, a girl just needs a friend to have coffee with. That would have been my BFF-sister, Laarnie, but Japan is quite far... ^^)

So, please forgive me if some of my posts will be late or if I won't be able to post many tutorials. I promise to make it up to you on November, when the tourist season ends. ^^) Which also happens to be our blogoversary month and my sister's birthday! So, that means a celebration will be ready for all of you! ^^)

But before I end this post, let me announce the last 2 winners of our Double Birthday Bash Giveaway Galore.

And the winner of Giveaway Galore Day 9 is...

While the winner of Giveaway Galore Day 10 is...

Please claim your prizes in 48 hrs. by sending us an email. Thanks!

Have a lovely day, lovelies!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crafty Saturday Party No. 35

* Well, yes, I know... this post is late - AGAIN! I started composing this post in my work area at home laptop using IE7. Saved it. Yep, it was saved. Then I went out, while waiting at the bank added some more things in the post and saved it in my mini-laptop (using the Mozilla Firefox browser) which I bring with me when I am out of the house. It said "Saved". I opened it later to find out that the part I added was not saved. I re-added that part and more and saved. I repeated this for at least 4 times ( morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening using the Mozilla Firefox browser) as everytime I open again that draft, the added parts are nowhere to be found in the post. When I opened my Blogger account at home when I got home, the only saved part is the part I made and saved at home prior to going out. It went on like this the whole day and night. I got tired and decided to call it a day and went to bed at 12. This morning I woke up, turned the laptop on to see if the last intent to add something to that draft had been successful only to find that nothing's been saved. Yeah, I know, I was mad! And was already "ready" to throw the laptop to the floor or something. I had to go out to the garden with the kids, played with them and did not go near my work area until I felt that my anger has already dissipated. I mean, I repeated the whole task for so many times! Well, things like these happen... but staying angry won't help. The show must go on... ^^) And yep, I am using IE7 to finish this. I didn't realize until today that it might be the browser and not Blogger which is giving me the problem!


How are you, lovely TSWL followers? Well, yep, I have finally satisfied by hunger and I have already rested enough to be able to bring with you our 35th Crafty Saturday Party! Wow, 35 link-up parties already! ^^)

And last week's most voted projects which will make it to TSWL's Finest of August 2011 Final round are...


Congratulations to both of you, girls! And congratulations to all participants! You are all awesome and your projects are all fab!

Oh, by the way, aside from posting our featured projects on Facebook, and tweeting about the party, we are now pinning all of the featured projects on Pinterest.
Why? Well, observing our page views and visits statistics, around 20% of our page views and visits is through Pinterest. So, I thought, why not pin our featured projects so you would also get your 20% or more page views and visits from Pinterest! Pinterest is a whole new way of getting your blog and projects out there, aside from linking up to link-up parties and blog hops. I would also add the featured projects of the past Crafty Saturday Parties on our Pinterest Craft Saturday People board, one day at a time, of course ^^)
And so, for this week's featured fab projects
(in no particular order):

The Auction chair, Larissa Hill Designs

Purses Frames Aplenty, Sweet Bee Buzzings


If you were featured, we would really love for you to grab this featured button and place it somewhere on your blog (pretty please with cherries on top! ^^)... thanks! We really appreciate that!

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And if you have some spare time, do vote for the 2 projects which you think should make it to TSWL's finest of August 2011. You can vote for 2 projects, once per day until next friday. Thanks!

Thanks for voting! And do keep on linking up. Isn't it great to inspire and be inspired in return!

To link up, we'd really love for you to the the following things (they're not rules just guidelines ^^):

1. Link up the url of your specific post not your blog. This would make it easier for others to follow your post.

2. Kindly grab our button and place it in your blog where others can see so they could also join the party. The more, the merrier! ^^)

<a href=”http://tosewwithlove.blogspot.com/search/label/Crafty%20Saturday%20Link-Up%20Party”> <img border="0" src="http://i985.photobucket.com/albums/ae336/lelaniedenso/Capturadepantallacompleta1206201191256bmp-5.jpg" /></a>

3. Show some lovin’, love! Visit other bloggers and leave some comments. Wouldn’t it be nice to make somebody smile or make their day a little bit more special? ^^)

Now, get your favorite cocktail and let's party! ^^)


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