Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crafty Saturday Party No. 31

Wow! We're already on the last week of July!
Time really flies so fast...
Soon, summer will be over and before you know it, Christmas time is already around the bend!
You better enjoy your summer to the fullest before it's over! ^^)

And yeah, speaking of summer... on the whole month of August, we will be holding a fabulous giveaway galore to celebrate the birthday of two TSWL Ladies! So, better stay tuned! ^^)

And yes, it's another week of
But before I present last week's featured projects, let me announce first the two talented crafters and their lovely craft who will qualify to the final round of TSWL's Finest of July 2011. A round of applause please for...

Ruffle Camera Strap Cover, The Life of Jennifer Dawn

Pintucking Tutorial, Sweet Sewn Stitches

Congratulations to both and congratulations also to the rest of the participants. And thank you, lovelies, for your votes! ^^)

And now, for this week's featured projects which will make it to this week's votation round. A round of applause for..

Noodles 2


If you were featured, we would really love for you to grab this featured button and place it somewhere on your blog (pretty please with cherries on top! ^^)... thanks! We really appreciate that! 

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And if you have some spare time, do vote for the 2 projects which you think should make it to TSWL's finest of June 2011. You can vote for 2 projects, once per day until next friday. Thanks!

Thanks for voting! And do keep on linking up. Isn't it great to inspire and be inspired in return! 

To link up, we'd really love for you to the the following things (they're not rules just guidelines ^^):

1. Link up the url of your specific post not your blog. This would make it easier for others to follow your post.

2. Kindly grab our button and place it in your blog where others can see so they could also join the party. The more, the merrier! ^^)

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3. Show some lovin’, love! Visit other bloggers and leave some comments. Wouldn’t it be nice to make somebody smile or make their day a little bit more special? ^^)

Now, get your sangrias and let's party! ^^)


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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

300 Facebook Page Friends Giveaway and a new Sofisticata Giveaway Winner

We finally have 303 Facebook Friend for our blog's page and to celebrate that, we are giving away this cute peasant top.

This peasant blouse/top is made out of Michael Miller and Riley Blake coordinating fabrics. The neckline and sleeves are garterized/elasticized. The blouse/top has a pocket on one side and two buttons for embellishment below the neckline.
The pocket is embellished with some lace and a bow made out of satin ribbon. This top can be worn as is or for layering with a long-sleeved shirt or a cardigan, with some jeans or shorts. This blouse/top has the following measurements:
Chest: 24 inches
Length: 14 inches
Sleeves (upper arm): 7.5 inches-10 inches

This top comes with a matching hair clip covered with felt and a fabric yoyo for embellishment.

But before I tell you how you could win this peasant top, let me announce first the new Sofisticata sponsored giveaway winner. 

Since, the first drawn winner did not claim her prize, so I am drawing another winner. 
And the lucky winner is...

Congratulations, Emily. Please claim your prize in 48 hrs by shooting us an email at:

And now, if you'd like to win the peasant top, you only have to...

Be our Facebook friend and leave a message on our wall. Then go back here and leave a comment telling us what you did. 
(1 entry)

Be our GFC friend and leave a comment telling us so. (1 entry)

Share this giveaway on Facebook and tag us. Leave a comment telling us so. (1 entry)

Blog about this giveaway and leave a link.
(5 entries, leave 5 comments telling us so)

This giveaway will be open until monday next week, (August 1). A winner will be drawn the day after.

Good luck everyone! And enjoy the rest of the day. I, myself, am enjoying my new Spanish driving licence ^^)

*giveaway closed*


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Monday, July 25, 2011

20-minute Gathered Skirt with Shirred Waistband Tutorial

So, what do you do with a half-meter of pretty fabric? Well, I made one skirt, one sling bag and a matching headband with it as a birthday present to my husband's niece and goddaughter.

Here's the pretty gathered skirt with lace on the hem and a shirred waistband...

And here's the matching sling bag

and headband, especially made for the birthday girl ^^)

Oh yes! I've gone crazy over elastic thread this month! ^^)So, you should be expecting more elastic thread related tutorials. ^^)

And yes, I've made the skirt, the sling bag and the fabric flower out of a half-meter fabric.
The skirt was made for a 4 year old girl. Do adjust the measurements according to your needs.

Now, let's proceed to the skirt tutorial. I will share with you the sling bag and the headband tutorial next week.

You will need:
2 waistband piece
2 gathered skirt piece
lace (optional)

Get your pretty lace and sew it on your skirt piece with straight stitches, right sides together.

Sew zigzag stitches to keep the edges from fraying. Or better yet, serge it!

Topstitch. Do the same to the other skirt piece and lace.

Get your skirt piece and set your stitch length to the longest (in my case, it's a 5.0) and sew gathering stitches (means do not do backtracks on the beginning and end of the straight stitches so you can pull on the bobbin thread to gather your fabric). Gather your skirt by pulling on the bobbin thread and adjust the gathered piece to match the length of your waistband piece. Get your waistband piece and skirt piece, right sides of the fabric facing together and sew them together with straight stitches 1/4" away from the edge. Sew zigzag stitches to keep the edges from fraying. Then take out the thread of the gathering stitches you've made earlier.

 This is what we have as of now.

Topstitch. Do the same to the remaining skirt and waistband piece.

So, you'll have two of this.

Get both skirt pieces, align the sides wrong sides of the fabric facing together and sew straight stitches 1/8" from the edge. Do the same to the other side.

The seam would look like this.

Turn it inside our and press/iron the seam you've just made.

Sew straight stitches 1/4" away from the edge. You've just made a French hem! Do the same to the other side.

Hem your waistband. Or better yet, serge or make some zigzag stitches to get the lettuce effect.

As of now, we have this.

Change your bobbin thread with elastic thread and sew rows of shirring stitches on your waistband. Make sure you've set your stitch length to 3.5 to have a nicely gathered look. After I've filled the waistband with rows of shirring stitches, I have decided to add one more in between each row of sewn shirring stitches since I thought it would look nicer.
(For a more detailed instructions on the shirring steps, check the previous tutorial I have posted)

 Now, we have a nice gathered skirt with a shirred waistband!
Stay tuned for the sling bag and headband tutorial!

We hope you like this week's tutorial and that you'd be back next week for another tutorial.
We would really love to see your lovely creations so if you've created something with out tutorial, do share it with us. Send us an email or tag us on Facebook or Twitter!

Have a lovely week everyone!

P.S. Don't forget to vote for us at The Picket Fence. Just click the button below to vote. Thanks!

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