Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swank Under Pinnings giveaway winner

Before I announce the lucky winner of

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Have a lovely thursday, everyone!


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Monday, June 27, 2011

30-minute Lemon Drop Dress/Tunic/Top

Hi there, lovelies.
It's yet another week of

And this week, we will learn to make this cute Lemon Drop Dress which could serve as tunic then top when your child grows. 
This piece of clothing grows with your little one!

As you can see, you can make it with just one fabric. I made the Lemon drop dress above with just a half yard of fabric for a 3-6 months sized dress.

You could, of course, make it with a combination of fabrics. I made the Lemon drop dress above from a half yard fabric (skirt+straps+left-over fabric) and a half yard of the polka dotted fabric (I still had some left-overs). 

I have decided to make some of this cutie for my princess' wardrobe as I really am already fed up with clothes that wouldn't last for more than 1-2 season. 
This piece of clothing could be used all year long.
It can be layered with a cardigan or a shirt.
It can be paired with some tights, leggings, short pants or long pants, skirt, etc.
It's a really versatile piece of clothing!
Plus it's so easy to make!
You just need some spare 30 minutes and you're on the go!

*UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this dress would fit a 12-month old girl up to a 4 year-old girl (with a small frame). And this is the part where I have to admit that I did try it on my 3-year old son. 
I know, I know... but I didn't have any model at that time.  ^^) It doesn't fit him as he already wears 5T sized clothes. But it actually fits my husband's niece who is 4 years old but she has a small frame. 

So, why don't we proceed to the tutorial?!

You'll be needing the following materials:

straps (4 pcs.)18" x 2" 
chest (2 pcs.) 4" x 10"
back (2 pcs.) 4" x 13"
skirt (1 pc.) 10" x 15", (1 pc.) 10" x 20"
ruffles (1 pc.) 6" x 19", (1 pc.) 6" x 24"
elastic 9" long

Get one of your strap piece, fold it as shown below with right sides of the fabric together.

Sew straight stitches, making one end rounded as shown above.

Cut some slits all around the rounded edge so you'll have a crisp rounded end when we turn it inside out later. Repeat the same steps on the remaining strap pieces. 

Turn your straps inside out, iron it if needed then topstitch.

Get your skirt pieces. Align the short edges, wrong sides of the fabric together and sew straigh stitches leaving 1/8" seam from the edge. Do the same to the other shorter edge.

turn it and iron the seams.

Sew straight stitches 1/4" from the edge. 

Don't you just love the crisp and neat french seam we've just made? ^^)

Get your ruffle pieces. Align both short sides with right sides of the fabric together and straight stitches.

Serge, sew zigzag stitches, coverstitch... whichever floats your boat! ^^)

Repeat the same steps for the other side.

Fold your ruffle piece, right side facing outwards and sew gathering stitches from the raw edge. Do the same to your skirt piece (only one side and without folding it, unlike the piece above)

Get your chest piece and sew on your straps on each end (leaving about 3" gap on the center from each strap) with basting stitches.

Do the same thing for the back piece sewing the straps 5.5" apart from each other. So, we'll have this.

Get one chest piece (with straps sewn on) and the other chest piece. Sew straight stitches on this side of your fabric, with both fabric right sides together. Do the same to your back pieces.

Turn it so the right sides of your fabric are facing you now. Press the seams then topstitch.

For your back piece, we'll need to create a casing. Sew straight stitches, leaving enough space so you could insert your elastic through the casing.

Insert your elastic in your casing. On one each end, sew straight stitches to secure your elastic band.

You could even secure it with some zigzag stitches. Do the same to the other side. It will help if you secure the elastic band by pinning it with the fabric.

Attach your back piece to your front piece by sewing first straight stitches then turning it then sewing another straight stitches just like what we did with the skirt piece: a french seam. Do the same to the other side.

Now, we have the top of our dress done. The back side of our chest piece is elasticized making the dress grow with your child.

Get your gathered ruffle piece, pin it to your skirt. Make sure you pinned well the sides and the center of the ruffles to your skirt.

Attach your ruffles to your skirt by sewing straight stitches leaving 1/4" seam from the edge.

Finish your raw edges with zigzag, coverstitch or overlock stitch or serge it! ^^)


Pin your skirt to your chest piece.

Sew straight stitches then some zigzag stitches. Turn your dress then topstitch.

Now that you're finished with your dress, make some matching hair accesory! ^^)

I admit, my son had to model this headband 
as I didn't have any other model around! ^^)

The multi-purpose brooch can be used to embellish the headband,

or embellish the top of the dress,

or even this way!

For this Lemon Drop Dress which I have made for my friend's 6-month old baby

I made a headband from a soft elastic band and a fabric flower

Well, I hope you liked today's tutorial.
Stay tuned for another tutorial next monday.
See you around!

Have a fab week everyone!

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