Thursday, March 31, 2011

12th day of Spring Fling

I can't believe we're already on the 12th day! wow! Go check them out! But hurry, as you only have 3 days to join and on the 4th day, a winner will be drawn!

 March 31
Vintage Inspired Sunbonnet Sue Flour Sack Dish Towels

Handpainted Window Sill Sitter

Have fun and good luck!

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A blog swap with Emily of Insanity Rules

Good morning, lovelies. Today, we are swapping blogs with Emily of Insanity Rules. You should really check her tutorial for this nameplate:

Also, you are still on time to join her giveaway! Without much ado, please welcome Emily here at TSWL! 

Hey there TSWL readers my name is Emily from Insanity Rules. I'm so excited to be swapping blogs with the wonderful ladies of TSWL. Thank you Lelanie for the suggestion. I'm fairly new to the blogging world but am really enjoying getting to know people and finding fun ideas to create in my spare time and when I mean spare time I mean well whenever little man sleeps or shortmant isn't yelling at me to get him something, or my oldest is at school. I know so many variables so little time to create but we make it work.  

I'm the wife to a wonderful hard working man and the mom of three insanely crazy, super hero loving, havoc creating little boys. Trust me even my youngest little man get's in on all the insanity and he's only five months old. It's often loud, chaotic, laundry filled, and boy oriented at our home but I enjoy ever minute of it. 

I'm an avid scrap booker, reader, lego game loving, mom who shares much of that with you. I do tend to talk about my laundry a lot it takes over my life most weeks but just ignore me I have to get it out of my system! 

I love to share recipes, crafts, jewelry ideas, and much more on my blog so I hope that you will stop by and check it out. My etsy shop is currently empty because of the birth of baby boy number three and moving into a house shortly after having him like a week! 

I know crazy madness for sure but that's my hubs for you. I just go with it and put my foot down when the occasion calls for it. For the most part though I'm pretty okay with things. Heck I let the man move me to Texas of all places. I was born in the Pacific Northwest where it rains and we hardly get the heat but here I am eight years later and still living where there is wide open spaces and hardly a mountain in sight. It's great! 

So please stop by and check out my blog and if you like follow for awhile or forever. I love to meet new people so if you stop by and leave me a comment either leave me your email or your blogsite address I love to check things out. 

Enjoy the insanity that is life and thanks Lelanie for letting my insanity invade yours for awhile. Oh and don't forget to enter the giveaway that I'm having right now!

Thanks, Emily, for swapping blogs with us today!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

11th day of Spring Fling

I can't believe we're already on the 11th day! wow! Go check them out! But hurry, as you only have 3 days to join and on the 4th day, a winner will be drawn!

Kristina @ B Inspired Mama
$30 Gift Certificate to B. Inspired Vintage

Delina @ Dew This
Set of Decorative Tiles

Have fun and good luck!

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Sprucing up your blog: How to create your own linked blog or shop button

Today, I will show you how I made the buttons we have here in our blog. These buttons have a direct link to each site (blog, shop, facebook page, etc.)

This tutorial is the third of the Sprucing up your blog series. You can check the first part here and the second part here.

Disclaimer: I am no expert and all the things I will be sharing with you here is based on my own experience. My methods are easy-to-follow but not professional methods. So, follow at your own risk (just kidding!). Nah... really! ^^) I am sharing because it worked for me. And I hope it works for you, too!

For this tutorial, you can click each photo below for a larger view.

You can use a digital scrapbook paper or embellishment or a picture as background for your button. You can see a sample of each below.

Now, on to the tutorial:

Choose an image to use as background. You can edit it using Picasa as shown here. But today I will show you how to edit it using Photobucket.

Upload your image. Save your image.

Open the album in your Photobucket where you have saved your chosen image and edit it by clicking the upper tab which says Basic.

If your image is not yet cropped, do crop it. Then change your image size to your desired size. I made mine a 125 x 125-sized button.

Now, click the Decorate tab. Click the Text button and add your text. Choose the font you like, check transparent and glittery if you want a glitter text. Click auto or unclick auto if you want to choose manually your font size. Then type your desired text on the small box which says Enter Text Here.

When you are already happy with your button, save it. For this button, I added two text boxes for the differently-sized texts.

Now, go to your blogger account. Click Design, Add a Gadget, then HTML. Then copy and paste this html code:

Substitute the necessary links. In my case, I am linking this button to TSWL, the shop. Go back to your Photobucket and copy the url which says Direct link.

Now, your html code will look something like this:

Save your html and place it where you want it on your blog.

My button looked like this on the blog:

However, if you want for others to be able to grab your button, then follow the next steps.

Copy your image's html code. Go to Javascript Kit. Paste your html:

Click the button which says Click special characters to entities:

Copy the code and paste it on an HTML gadget box on your blog or if you want on one of your blog pages. When doing it on a blog page, switch to edit html while pasting your codes, you can switch to compose before publishing so you can admire and check your buttons ^^)

So you'll have a "grab button" like this:

Or a page full of "grab buttons".

And, that's it! ^^)

Easy-peasy, right? **)

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giveaway by Insanity Rules

Hey there, lovelies! Emily at Insanity Rules is holding a giveaway! She's giving away the cute burp rags!

For a lovely princess!

For that handsome prince!

What are you waiting for! Visit her blog for a chance to win! But don't beat me to it, lol

Please do not forget, Arcoíris is donating 100% of it's sales to Japan relief efforts. But you can also donate and help in other ways. Please check:

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Great Crafting Ideas

Right after publishing my origami post, I went looking online for great crafting ideas. I would really love to share with you some of the best recent articles on crafts you'd see online:

I find origami relaxing and also fun! You could even make fabulous origami wedding decorative pieces! Go see it here: Origami Craft Ideas: Origami Wedding Craft Ideas via Craft Supplies

If you are a crosstitch lover like me -or wanting to learn it, and if you're looking for easy-to-do projects as great handmade gifts, then you better read this: Customizable Cross-Stitch Projects: Cross-Stitch Projects via Martha Stewart Crafts

If you want to know what's hot and new in the craft world, this article is for you: Popular Trends in the Arts and Crafts World: Arts and Crafts Trends: An Overview was recently featured on business degrees online

If you're a parent(or if you are an aunt or uncle who likes to babysit your nieces or nephews ^_^), you would always be on the hunt for fun crafting ideas you could do with your kids. Then this article is for you: Fun Spring Crafts for Kids: Spring Theme Crafts via Toddler Crafts

Do check them out and tell me what you think about them! I am sure that like me, you'll find them interesting and helpful! 

I am linking up to these parties.

Please do not forget, Arcoíris is donating 100% of it's sales to Japan relief efforts. But you can also donate and help in other ways. Please check:

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Feature Post: Pashiko

I love handmade items and if they're OOAK (one-of-a-kind), the better! That's why I love Etsy because you get to see so many OOAK handmade items and so many great talents! One of these great talents is the talented artist behind the shop

What I really love in this shop are it's unique, eco-friendly, organic and personalized items! You get to see so many hand-painted items such as:

Hand Painted Owl Necklace, Original painting soft plush doll wearable art
I absolutely love this hooter necklace!

Playful Black Cat -Eco Friendly Tote Bag, Hand Painted, Organic

Painted Whimsy Art Doll Panda Ornament, Toy, Decoration

Hug Me, Valentine Throw Pillow Cover 16x16 inches, hand painted -Gift under 50 for him her  he she

Butterfly  Napkin Ring Set of Two, Hand painted ooak original fabric art - Gift Under 50 for her mom home dressing

The genius behind Pashiko is Sebnem Ergun. She lives in the magical city of Istanbul, in a country filled with colors, flavors, textures and a culture rich with traditions! 

Handpainted CustomPortrait Mug Set of TWO - Made to order, Personalized Gift Idea for mom,her,him, buddy,dude, men, women- Original art , hand painting,Color painting

She is an animal lover and a mom  of a marvelous tabby cat named PASHA, the beloved inspiration of her shop and creations. She loves to call her kitty  “Pashiko” ^^) 

Whimsy Breakfast Plate Set of 2 (Made to order), calorie free serving plate set

She is a Piscean and according to her: "I reflect most of characteristic of my horoscope – even I do not take  horoscopes seriously :-)

Cream Cobalt  Kitty Cats Bowl Set of 2, Hand painted Unique Gift for Petlovers (made to order)

She likes  all animals not just cats ^^), the sea, sun and nature! She describes herself as a daydreamer and a chocolate and pasta addict.  She also loves adventure sports, like paragliding and scuba diving.

Vintage Inspired Painted Porcelain Tray - Decorative Landscape,  Gift for Home Decoration , Gift under 100

She is a porcelain and stone painting artist. Hers is one of the best I have ever seen, not just in Etsy. You should check her other (first) shop, Shebbo Design, and you'll know what I mean ^^)

In Shebbo Design, you could see a lot of hand-painted, personalized and custom portrait items such as:

Sweet Fawn-  3D Handpainted rock deer, Gift for pet lover under 50

and portrait mugs, among others.
Hand painted Custom Portrait Mug Set -Black and White, Holidays Valentines Gift Under 100 Personalized gift idea

 Her newest painting adventure is “wearable hand painted art” designs on fabrics.

Custom Pet Portrait Pebble Ring Hand painted, Personalized  animal art on stone, (made to order) women accessory

She had been in the rat race for years, working in various managerial positions in a stress-prone enviroment. After long years of running in the rat race, she took a refreshing break from her career mid-2008. She eventually embraced and surrendered to her painting passion again by listening to her heart! "Painting has brought back my inner joy again!", Sebnem says. 

Playful Black Cats - Hand painted Mug (made to order), Gift for Catlovers Petlovers

So, she created and opened her first shop in Etsy, “Shebbo Design” for her porcelain and stone paintings! She loves challenges and discovering new things and working with different materials, so she decided to create and open a second shop "Pashiko" for her hand-painted fabric creations. 

Valentines Folded Greeting Card Set of 3

She loves humor and having fun! Thus, the PASHIKO brand was launched 5 months ago.
 "My PASHIKO designs brings fun and humor to your lives! Each of my design tells something, gives a message, express a feeling :) I love to call my kitty  “Pashiko”, so I am inspired from his lovely nick for my new shop/brand name! I am usually inspired by my Pashiko’s playful behaviours, he always fuels my inner child : -)", Sebnem shares.

Tile Wall Panel- Istanbul 2010 - European Capital of Culture - Wall Decor-FREE SHIPPING, Holidays Gifts Under 150

When asked where she sees herself in 10 years, she shares, "Who knows!  Life is a miracle and it brings tons of suprises each day, each moment!nOne of my dream is establishing my business  nationally , opening a store , expanding my business , becoming  a popular–demanded  artist/brand. The other one  is moving from the magical metropolitan of Istanbul to a quiet coastal Eagean town.  I am dreaming to live in a peaceful and calm place near by the sea in nature surrounded by olive trees at Eagean side of my country. Living in a stone house - countinue creating  and painting new things while listening the whisper of peaceful Eagean wind..."

Hand Painted Amber Butterfly Necklace, Original painting soft plush doll wearable art, etsyeuro sale euroweek

Sebnem will be launching quirky and fun items in her Pashiko shop in the near future, so you should really keep your eyes on her shop! 

You can keep in touch by following her blog
Shebbo Design

her own web page

her twitter page

her personal page on Facebook
Shebbo Design

and her shop's page on Facebook. 
Shebbodesign Shop

I have also found out that Sebnem has an equally-talented sister who also has an Etsy shop inspired by their creative mother!

You really have to visit the shop to see the "oh-so-many" eye candies which could surely make you say "ooh!" "ahh!" and "wow!"

I especially love this romantic shrug:
Glitter Powder Pale Pink Shrug - Poncho, Wrap  Wedding Fashion - Bridal Bridesmaid Wedding  Gown , Evening Glamour party accessory, Honeysuckle, wedding,romance

White Furry Sparkle Mini Vest, Bolero -   Bridal Bridesmaid Wedding Accessory , Hand Knit Chunky Puffy Shaggy shimmery  Evening party accessory, Shabby Chic

and this really cute baby's cardigan!
Cute Candy Baby Cardigan- AOD Hand Knitted, Gift for baby

I hope you liked today's featured shop. Thank you, Sebnem, for letting us feature your shop here at TSWL! 

Oh! And before I forget you are still on time to take advantage of this special offer:

15% off at Pashikouse coupon code  SEWWITHLOVE (until March 29)

Happy "Pashiko", "Shebbo Designs" and "By Sweet Mom" shopping everyone!

Please do not forget, Arcoíris is donating 100% of it's sales to Japan relief efforts. But you can also donate and help in other ways. Please check:

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