Friday, December 23, 2011

Rice Sachets with aromatic herbs tutorial

Are you looking for quick and easy-to-make, last minute stocking stuffer?
Why not make some of these:

Mine really turned out cheap since I used scrap fabrics from my stash, aromatic rosemary essence which I already had on hand and rice. 1 kilogram of rice cost me 0,70 € which is roughly less than a dollar.

You will need:
9.5" x 5.5" fabric (mine was linen)
uncooked rice
herbal essence

Here's how I made mine:

With the help of a spoon or a funnel, fill your sachet with your rice (previously mixed with some drop of herbal essence of your choice. For 1 kg of rice, I used 8 drops of rosemary essence.) Close your sachet by topstitching on the area. I topstitched twice on the area just to be sure ^^) Get some twine and pack your sachets!

I have added some directions and information to the sachet pack.

It says:
Microwave for no more than a minute. For bruises, place the sachet inside a plastic bag, leave it in the freezer until cold and apply on the bruise.

Rice sachet aromatized with rosemary.
The rice provides dry heat while the rosemary is a stimulant.
It also relieves muscular and rheumatic pains. It helps fight mental fatigue and indolence.

Enjoy the warmth that the rice gives and the stimulating scent of rosemary.

I just printed it on a bond paper and sew it on a piece of fabric. I added my card and fixed both with a ribbon.

To add a festive look on the sachet, I tied it with a red ribbon.

This went inside each gift bag.

On top of the sachet, we placed a bag full of chocolate chip lemon muffins, chocolate muffins and shortbread cookies.

I, of course, am making more of these rice sachets today (and I will make some aromatized with lavender and some with eucalyptus) to give away as Christmas gifts!
I hope you liked today's tutorial.

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2 lovely people left a warm message!:

sondraster said...

What a great idea for a last minute gift. You are so wonderful to share your ideas with us. May you and your family have a blessed and Merry Christmas.
Sondra in East Texas

Apurva said...

Wow they are so pretty ^_^ I am totally loving these cushions.... :D

Thank you so much for liking my post girl.You always rock and so do your comments. :D


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