Monday, September 05, 2011

Love Me Shoulder Bag/Messenger Bag Tutorial

Hi there! My sister Laarnie will be sharing with you a tutorial for a cute bag anybody would love, that's why I am calling it Love Me Bag tutorial. It's versatile, you could make your own and  oh-so-many variations of it! You could play with the dimensions, with the style, etc. It's a quick project, too!
Enjoy the tutorial. Take it away, sis!

A pleasant day ladies! I made a bag and decided to share a tutorial. I just thought maybe you’d like to make one for yourselves, too.

I have a SANRIO HELLO KITTY 2011 fabric, a very cute one and made a big bag out of it. The bag has the following dimensions:

Length x width: 40 cms. x 30cms.
Strap: 60 cms. long 

For this bag prepare the following:

L80cmxW60cm fabric + 1cm allowance on each sides for the main side of the bag and fold in half

L80cmxW60cm fabric + 1cm allowance on each sides for the inner side of the bag and fold in half

L80cmxW60cm stabilizer + 1cm allowance on each sides

32cmX6cm (2cuts)fabric as band your band’s length depends on the pleats you make for your bag.

11cmX6cm fabric for closure

velcro for closure

If you want to make a shoulder bag, get at least 70cmX8cm fabric plus 1cm allowance on each side making it 10cm in total width
70cmX4cm stabilizer.

And for the messenger bag version, prepare a longer sash.

Before you pin your fabrics together ready for sewing, fold them in half and cut the edges round and keep the fabric together. Do not cut on the center because we don’t want to separate the fabrics. Just as shown in this picture. Do the same for the other side.

After that, take a ruler or tape measure and get the center of the fabric and put a mark on the opening side if the bag depending on the pleats you want your bag to have.

Then fold and pin them for the pleats.

Do the same on the rounded side of your fabric.

Then sew on the pleats.

The opening part of your bag would look like this.

Then pin the fabric right sides facing together and sew.

When you’re done sewing turn your bag inside out (only for the main side of the bag) showing the right side of the fabric.

This is how your round edge with pleats would look like.

Do not turn the inner side of the fabric inside out.

And place it inside the main part of your bag.

Pin them together.

And sew.

Assemble your strap by folding your 70cmX8cm fabric plus 1cm allowance on each side making it 10cm in total width in half. Place the 70cmX4cm stabilizer inside. And then, fold the 1cm allowance on both sides of your strap inwards and sew.

Now, you are ready to attach your strap on the bag.

After that join your bands together and after that sew the band around the opening of your bag. Turn the bag inside out.

And attach your closure.

And don’t forget to sew on your velcro.

You can add buttons for accent too.

And there you have your bag.

I hope it inspired you in making one for your own or for your mom, sister, or friends.

You can also add compartments inside the bag.

It is a bit big so it can accommodate baby things too. It’ll make a very wonderful mother bag as well.

And that ends my post for today.

Have a beautiful day ladies!

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Matta ne,

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elliesue said...

I love this bag, thank you.

Debra McGrath said...

I love this bag!!! So cute!!! Is there any way you can convert the cm into inches?? I'm at a loss and I'd love to make this.


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