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30-minute Timeless Princess Dress Tutorial

Welcome to another

Today, we will be sharing with you the Timeless Princess Dress tutorial. If you have 30 minutes to spare, then you could make this dress!
It would take you more time to choose the fabric you'd be using and it would take you even more to choose if you're using a combination of coordinating fabric.

The dress is a very easy project, believe me!
You might get addicted to it and will be making more than one or two (like me ^^)
This is a sort of a variation 
of the Day at the Park Dress which we have shared last week. 

But this time, as my daughter is quite smaller than her friend, I reduced my chest piece down to 1/4" smaller from the top and bottom sides.

Thus, I had a chest piece which measured 
(when folded, as shown in the picture below):
4.0" top part (will be 8.0 when laid open)
and 6.25" bottom part (12.5" when laid open)

The following measurement stayed as is:
5.25" center height (where the fabric's folded)
2.25" for arm hole length and depth
3" for side length

I made use of 1 yard of fabric for this dress.
As I only had 1 yard of the fabric, I just adjusted the dimensions of each dress piece to the piece of fabric I had available. 

Feel free to make your strap, skirt, and ruffles longer or wider as you'd like.
The measurements I am sharing with you here are based on the dress I made. I would have wanted for the skirt to be a little bit longer or a little bit fuller.
A fabric which measures 1 and a half yard would yield a longer and fuller skirt for a 6 year old's dress.

So, we'd be needing:
2 chest pieces (see measurements above)
2 back pieces, 17" x 3.25 "
2 skirt pieces, 22.0 x 15"
2 ruffles pieces, 35" x 5"
2 strap pieces, 22" x 2"
2 bow pieces, 9" x 5"

Let's start!

Fold your strap piece in half crosswise, right sides of the fabric together and sew a straight stitch all through it's entire length. Leave the short side unsewn.

 Turn your strap pieces inside out.

Iron each piece flat and topstitch each strap. 

Get both chest piece and lay them right sides together. Sew the armhole part leaving 1/4" seam from the edge. 

You could adjust your sewing machine's speed to make sure you could follow the curve or contour of your armhole.

Insert your straps in between each chest piece and pin as needed. Make sure you have aligned it well to the sewn part of your armhole.

If you flip open one of your chest pieces, it should look like this.

Sew the top part where your straps are.

cut some slits all around the arm hole and slip the edges. 

Turn the piece inside out, iron flat and topstitch.

Get your back pieces, lay them right sides together then sew a straight stitch one one of the longest side. Turn them so your back pieces will be facing wrong sides together, as shown above, then topstitch leaving aroung 1/8" seam from the edge.

Using your elastic as guide, sew a straigth stitch to create a casing for the elastic.
The elastic piece we will be needing will be 2 inches shorter than your daughter's back width.
My daughter's chest measures 25" snug, divide that to two you'd have the just the chest and the back measurement which would be 12.5, minus 2, so the elastic piece will be 10.5" long.

We now have our casing.

Insert your elastic.

Sew it in place by sewing straight stitches on each side.

So, we'll have this piece.

Now,we'll attach both pieces using a french hem. Get the chest and back piece and sew straight stitches leaving 1/8" seam from the side.

Turn it and then sew another straight stitches.

So, you'll have this neat seam! Do the same to the other side.

Get your ruffle pieces and attach both shorter sides using the same seaming technique. Do the same to your skirt pieces.

Hem your piece by folding 1/4" twice under and swe straight stitches.

Fix your stitches length to the longest, 5.0 in my case.

Sew straight stitches.

Gather the piece by pulling on the bobbin thread.

Pin it to your skirt piece.

 Sew straight stitches leaving 1/4" seam from the edge. When finished, sew zigzag stitches or serge.

Pull the gathering stitches and topstitch.

Do the same to your skirt piece and attach it to your chest piece. Topstitch also.

Using the extra fabric, make a bow and attach it on your chest piece.

The straps can be tied into a knot or a bow on the base of the nape or you could also cross it on your daughter's back and attach it to the back of the dress with buttons. 

Now, call your princess so she could try it on!

I also made another Timeless princess dress using another yard of fabric. 

This time, I placed sashes to be tied on the back and the straps were replaced by a bias tape.

I added some lace on the ruffles, too.

My princess loved both dresses! 

I purchased both fabrics from my friend Vania's fabric shop:

I hope you liked this week's tutorial and hope you'll be back next week for another dress tutorial.

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Have a fabulous week, lovelies!

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Sketched Soul said...

Wonderful tutorial, and very cute model! Thank you for sharing.
I love the fabrics you used as well :)

satinroses said...

Hi, could you give me the measurements to make this dress in a size 10 girls and a size 7...thank you so much, i can't wait to make these just love em, Mary
My email is

Jitterbugging said...

I love this dress and want to make it in a 4T size. How do I adjust the size of pieces? I cut some pieces following your sizes out of freezer paper and marked them. I am wondering how you layed out your pieces on the 1 yard of fabric so that they all fit? Your princess is adorable !!!

Jitterbugging said...

I love this dress. I want to make it in a 4T size. How do I adjust the size of pieces? I cut some pieces the size you stated on freezer paper. I'm wondering how you layed out your pieces so they fit on the 1 yard of fabric?
Your princess model is adorable !!!


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