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30-minute Tea time Dress Tutorial

Welcome to another 

Today, I will share with you a dress which I have made for a friend's daughter who is 15 months old. Her daughter is a small 15 months old who could wear a 12 month old sized dress.

Last summer, I also made one for my daughter.

Basically, this dress is a variation of my pillowcase styled dresses/top.

This is the pillowcase styled dress with ruffled neckline:

While this is the pillowcase styled top with ruffles on the front:

As you can see, with the basic dress style, you can vary your creation by changing the bottom part style: band or ruffles or pleats,
the neckline style: ruffled or flat and curved or bias tape strap, like this:

PAISLEY LOVE Spaghetti strap Dress, 2-3T with purse and headband

and you could even make it as a dress, tunic or top. It's all up to you. The sky's the limit! ^^)

 Do you like the dress and the so many version you can make with the basic pillowcase-styled body of the dress? Then let's proceed to the tutorial.

Just like the other tutorials I have shared with you, you can make this one in 30 minutes or less. It will take you longer to choose the fabric than actually making the dress! Believe me! *wink ^^)

For the neck template, I will provide you my pattern for 12mos-18 mos and the 6T size, as they are what I have on hand. You could make your own by basing the measurement on your child's clothes. It's really so easy to make! 

NOTE: This template does not include allowance. This template shows the finished size so when cutting do add a 1/4" allowance.

I scanned the patterns so you should print them 100% on an A4 sized paper. Once you've printed them, then we can proceed to the rest of the steps.

Please take note that the measurement I am providing you here might not be the standard 12-15 month old size as I only based it on my friend's daughter size, As I have told you, she's a really small 15 month old girl. Do change the measurements according to your needs. The black numbers are for the 6-7 y.o.size while the red numbers are for the 12-15 mos. size.

Two body pieces with the following measurements:

neckline pieces (1 front, 1 back)

2 bands (bottom of dress), 6" x 15"

bias tape, buttons

Get one of your dress piece and one band. Fold the band in half so you'd end up with a 3" x 14" piece. Pin together the two pieces, your dress piece should have the right side facing down. Sew a straight stitch leaving 1/4 seam from the edge. Then, sew zigzag/overlock stitches or better yet, serge.

when you have already attached both pieces, lay them down on your table with the right sides up. Draw a diagonal line with your fabric marker where you'll cut off the extra piece. Remember, this will be an A-line dress so you should draw a slanting line. Cut the excess fabric.

Topstitch. Repeat those steps on the remaining dress and band piece.

Get both dress pieces, align the edges with wrong sides of the fabric facing together. As you can see, the right side of the fabric is facing you. Sew a straight stitch leaving 1/8" seam from the edge. Do the same to the other side.

Iron flat your seam.

Iron your seams well.

With your fabric wrong side facing you, sew a straight stitch leaving 1/4" seam from the edge. Do the same to the other side. You have just made a neat french seam!

I used ready-made bias tape for this project. Open up your bias tape, align the edge to your armholes edge and sew along the crease following the curve of your armhole.

Fold your bias tape. Now, with your fabric's right side facing you, sew straight stitches to fix your bias tape on the dress. Follow the contour of your armhole.

So far, we have this.

Leaving 3" on each side of the top part of your dress, sew 4" of gathering stitches.

Gather the stitches. Set aside for later.

Get your neck pieces, pin then right sides together and sew straight stitches leaving 1/4" seam from the edge, making sure you are following the contours of your piece. Do not forget to leave at least 9" unsewn on the bottom part of your neck piece. 

Turn it inside out and iron out your piece.

 Now, we have our neck pieces.

Now, get your dress and insert it ito the unsewn opening of your neck piece. You have to fold upwards the part of the neck piece which will become the right side of your dress. Pin as necessary.

Fold inwards the unsewn part of your neckline on the wrong side of the dress. Follow the contour of the neck piece then iron it so the folds would hold a little. The inside part of your dress should look like the one above.

Sew this part of the neck piece to your dress. Do not worry, the stitches will not show up as you will cover it with the front part of the neck piece. Just sew the unsewn part.

So, you'll have this.

Do the same steps for the other part of your neck piece: fold inwards and iron.

Sew straight stitches as if you are topstitching it. Sew buttonholes on each side of the neck piece (front of the dress) and sew the buttons on the neck piece (back sideof the dress).

I have sewn on a ribbon from the left over bias tape. 

Later on, I have added a rose bead on the center of the ribbon to match the matching hairclip I made.

And that's it! You now have a cute dress for your cute princess.
You can add ruffles instead of the band
or even add a pocket or two on the dress!

I hope you liked today's tutorial and that you'd be back next monday for another dress tutorial. And do not forget to check the sidebar for the fabulous giveaways here at TSWL!

Have a nice monday everyone!


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