Monday, April 18, 2011

10-minute Gathered Ruffled Skirt with Lining Tutorial

Two weeks ago, I bought some ruffled fabric from Ruffle Fabric. So, I thought I'd make some skirts, tops and dresses for my princess. First project done: skirt!

The ruffled fabric stretches well but is quite shimmery so I have decided to place a skirt lining. I found an old cardigan of my daughter in my to-be-repurposed stack which I used as lining and a pretty pink elastic from Ruffle Fabric.

Here's what I made:

Now, on to the tutorial. My daughter is 6yoand wears a size 7-8. ^)

ruffled fabric (51" x 13")
lining (36" x 11")
wide elastic band (22" x 1 1/2")
seam ripper
and your sewing machine! ^^)

My lining started as this after cutting the piece from the sleeve (base of armhole) below. 

After trimming, it looked like as seen in the picture above. No need to hem as I took advantage of the original hem. Less work for me! ^^)

So, I took the elastic (my daughter's waist size is 23" so I cut the elastic 22", it will have a snug fit, not too tight nor too loose.

I sewed a straight stitch leaving I think 1/4" seam from the edge.

Open your edges as shown above.

Sew a nice zigzag stitch, making sure you are catching the edge.

Do the same to the other so you'll have this (shown above).

Take your lining and sew each shorter sides together with a straight stitch then serge or sew with a zigzag stitch, whichever floats your boat!

Get your ruffle fabric and place them right sides together. Make sure your ruffles are nicely facing down.

Sew a straight stitch. Trim excess fabric.

Although the fabric is of this nice, no-fray material, I have decided to sew a zigzag stitch. Zigzag stitches make me happy! ^^)

As you can see, my ruffles are all facing down but not perfectly aligned. You, on the other hand, can have perfectly aligned ruffles if you pin first before sewing. I am too impatient for that that's why I hem without ironing and pinning and I sew without pinning--- patience is not one of my virtues... LOL ^^) 

Set your straight stitch length to the longest, mine is 5.00 

Sew a gathering stitch on your lining and ruffle fabric. You could sew two or three gathering stitches to have a nicer gathered look for your skirt but then again, I am too impatient for that ^^)

Gather your lining and ruffle fabric until they are of the same length as your elastic band. 

Assemble your skirt by placing your ruffle fabric right sides together (sides with the ruffles) inside your lining piece. Your lining piece should be right side down, wrong side facing you. Now, the right side of your lining piece should be facing the wrong side of the ruffle fabric. Place your elastic, right side of your elastic facing the right side of your ruffle fabric (so elastic will be wrong sides together) Your elastic's right side is the side is this:

The wrong side is this:

Pin together your layers if you like. Or you could sew without pinning so you could adjust your gathers as you go (which is what I did) Sew a straight stitch.

And a zigzag stitch if you like. ^^)

Pull out your gathering stitches. The easiest way for me is to keep on pulling on the bobbing thread, the other thread is easier after you've pulled out your bobbin thread (the thread you pulled to gather your fabric)

Now, you have a skirt! Call your princess and ask her to model for you ^^)


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Shawna said...

Your tutorial looks super easy to follow and what a cute model you have!!

Kaysi said...

Super cute!!!

Katherines Corner said...

I enjoyed my visit to your wonderful blog. Great tutorial, the skirt is so cute!Hugs and I hope you'll stop by and enter my latest giveaway to win a gorgeous dress!

Ginger said...

Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

Andrea said...

Cute skirt - I love the colors!

Andrea said...

Hey Lelanie, thanks so much for showing us such a simple way to make a pretty ruffled skirt. That's so awesome, just start with ruffle fabric, duhhh :)

I loved it so much I FEATURED you, I hope it puts a smile on your face.

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CreativaCale said...

Cute.Thanks for sharing!:)))


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