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Jumper Dress with Spaghetti Straps Tutorial

Hi there, everyone! Today, I shall be sharing with a you a tutorial for a Jumper Dress with Spaghetti Straps. This tutorial was first posted in Crystal's Craft Spot when we guest posted for her. 

This Jumper Dress has spaghetti straps which can be tied into a knot or a bow, allowing the dress to grow with your child as the length of the straps can be adjusted.

This Jumper Dress also has a matching headband, purse and brooch. 

I will also show you how they were done but I have to break then into parts. For today, I will be showing you how I made the dress for this gift set.

Now, the tutorial. I have used half-yard of the MMiller fabric for the dress and less than a quarter of the dotted coordinating fabric for this 2-3T sized dress. You will need the following:
Chest piece: (1) 6" x 24"
Skirt piece: (1) 12" x 36"
Straps:      (4) 1" x 9" - dotted fabric
Hem Band:    (1) 3" x 36" - dotted fabric
2 coordinating buttons

NOTE: If you need smaller sizes, I have the measurements below for 9M, 12M and 18M.

              CHEST        SKIRT           STRAPS       HEM BAND
9M          5" x 22"     9" x 33"        1" x 7.5"    2.25" x 33"
12M         5.5" x 23"   10" x 34"       1" x 8"      2.5" x 34"
18M         6" x 24"     12" x 36"       1" x 8.5"    3" x 36"

First, get those fabric pieces for your straps. You could iron each piece as you would a bias tape, resulting to creases as shown above. Ironing them would make it easier for you to sew. You could also choose not to iron them, just pin them then sew. 

Or as what I did to these straps, just folded them as I fed them to the sewing machine. Just make a straight stitch. Do not forget to do a backtrack stitch. So you will have these:

Set them aside. Now, get the chest or bodice piece, fold it in a half, lengthwise, right sides together.

You could see that I had overlapped the ends - this is where the buttons and buttonholes would go later. Make sure to mark the center and the sides of your piece so you would know where to place the straps.

Do you see that purple mark on the upper lefthand of the fabric piece? It's faint but it's there ^^) That is where you would insert one of the straps. I have measured it to be 2" away from the sides. Do the same to all sides, 2" away from each side you would have to insert one strap, it should be in between the fabric (right sides together, remember?). Pin each strap securely.

Now, sew the bodice piece, short side first, with a 1/4 seam. Do you see the strap piece peeping? It's securely pinned. Yeah! ^^) It would be easier for you to turn your piece if you'd leave your needle on the fabric, turn then continue sewing (happily! ^^) Don't forget the backtracks!

Leave about 1"-2" unsewn so you could turn this piece later. Do not forget to backtrack so your stitches won't get ripped later.

Clip the edges so you'd have crisp edges.

Turn your fabric inside-out. You could use something blunt to push the edges. Do not use anything pointy as it might tear your fabric. Press/Iron your bodice piece so you'd get crisp edges.

Now, it's time to do some topstitching so you'd have this! ^^)

Set aside your bodice piece. Get the largest fabric piece which would be the skirt of the dress and the band for the hem. Fold the band in half, lengthwise, wrong sides together. You should align it's edges with that of the skirt. 

You could pin then sew. Or just sew and align while sewing. Whichever floats your boat! Sew a straight stitch then a zigzag stitch or serge! Then, topstitch. Topstitching makes me happy! ^^)

Now, take the skirt piece, get the short sides, wrong sides together then sew a straight stitch. Don't forget to backtrack!

Turn the skirt (right sides together now), and press the seam. Sew a straight stitch and backtrack. 

If you have a tag, sew it on too.

You have just made a neat and pretty french seam.

Now, you would need to sew a gathering stitch on your skirt piece so set your stitch length to the longest.

Sew a gathering stitch. Fold the fabric in half, mark the center and sides with a pin so you'll have a skirt with evenly distributed gathering. Pull the bobbin thread to gather your skirt.

Place your bodice piece inside your skirt piece, right sides together. You could pin your ruffles to your bodice but I like to adjust the gathers whike I sew so I just align the center and the sides and pin there.

Sew a straight stitch then a zigzag stitch. Or better yet, serge!

So you have already attached the skirt to the bodice.

Remmove your gathering stitches. I do this by pulling the bobbin thread all the way. Then, I remove the rest of the thread.


Create your buttonholes.

Sew your buttons on.

Tada! You now have a pretty dress.

The next tutorial would be for this multi-purpose brooch:

I hope you liked today's tutorial. If you don't feel like making one, you could also visit my etsy shop. Maybe, you'd find something you like. ^^)

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sandovalita said...

i need to bust out a few of these for my girl, for this summer!

Johnnie said...

This is lovely. Great tutorial. Thanks! Now I just need to have a girl :)

Thanks for posting the hop. You rock!

Saved By Love Creations

Jocelyn said...

Very cute! Love the fabric.

rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

that is such a cute little dress! :) i think i need a sewing machine. :)

AllieMakes! said...

Very sweet! Love the fabrics!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

maleahbliss said...

Great Tute! I'd love for you to link up to my linky party, Tute {Yourself} Tuesday!

Kaysi said...

So so cute!

Shelbi said...

I LOVE IT! Might you have measurements or suggest what to scale it down to for a baby size? I haven't had my baby girl yet, but I'm all into making things for her!

Kristen @ said...

adorable! I always mess up the gathering stitch though, I just cannot get it :( Thanks so much for linking up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings!! Make sure to come by next week!

To Sew With Love said...

Hi, Shelbi! Shoot me an email at and I will gladly give you my detailed measurements so you can make different sizes ^^)

Andrea said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I found you at Time Well Spent and I'm a new follower! I love to sew, so will check back often!


Atiya's space said...

Hey thanks for the tutorial, wonderful dress..I loved the dress m trying one for my niece hope u check out!! wonderful blog!!

Atiya's space said...

Hey thanks for the wonderful tutorial, loved the dress!! m trying one for my neice hope it come out the same way!! thanx

Dawn Mitchell said...

Hello :) Awesome tutorial for even a beginner sewing abilities, such as myself. I am curious though! Is it possible to sew this dress as a size 6-7 girls, or possibly another tutorial with a similar pattern made for little girls sizes? My email address is Thank you.


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