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Meet the "L"adies behind the blog. 

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Lelanie, Blog Owner and Author
Hi, I am Lelanie. I am mom to two wonderful kids (7 y.o and 4 y.o.) and a wife to 1. 

I am a Filipina residing in Spain. I have a MBA and a BA in Language and Literature degree but being a mom is what I am proud of the most. 

I used to teach in a state university but had to take a long hiatus when I got married and had my kids. I never regretted this decision! 

I blog because I want to share what I do, what I make and the things I like with everybody!

I am myopic and a migraine warrior.

I love coffee... I take my coffee seriously!

I love to eat and I love to cook!

I love chocolates!

I love to cook with my kids and I love to sew. I could sew all day!

I love crosstitching.

I love pearls.

I love my blogs. I could blog all day! But what I love most is to spend quality time with my family especially my kids.

I am happiest when I am with my family.

I love to sing but only in the bathroom... and in the car, with the kids!

The song "Walking on sunshine" by Katrina & the Waves always gets me grooving!

I love to drive with the radio on while the kids dance to the rhythm and pretend playing the guitar for me ^^)

I love chatting with my sister-bff Laarnie ^^)

During our younger years ^^) and when we were still together, my sister and I used to do videoke marathon EVERYDAY! Yes! Everyday! ^^)

I love strawberries but not as much as the Philippine mango!

I am a work in progress ^^)

Hi, I am Laarnie.  Mom to a blue-eyed princess  (and currently pregnant ^_^) and wife to one blue-eyed Japanese. I am a Filipina residing in Japan.

I love every color of the rainbow.

I love dogs as pets.

I wish to swim with the dolphins but the problem is I can't swim ^_^

I love coffee latte, cafe au lait, cappuccino, matcha au lait and lemon tea.

I love sushi. I love Japanese raw seafoods. I love raw foods. It could be seafoods, raw beef of raw horse meat.

My energy song is Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone

I hate long migraine episodes.

I love chocolates (black chocolate is my favorite) though it triggers my migraine a lot.

I want to be a figure skater, a mermaid and an opera singer.

I always have a warm mug of caffe au lait or cafe latte (yes, a mug; a cup is too few for me) in the morning.

Frogs and lizards freak me out.

I can eat sushi every day.

I have clownfishes, an orange and a black one. And hubby is getting me a red one too!

My bff is my one and only sister, Lelanie and we love or should I say, we're addicted to videoke so much we always had videoke marathon back in the Philippines !

I can't sleep with the lights on.

I love mother bags more than any other bags.

I can drink a liter of (fresh from the fridge ^^) lemon tea a day.
My first love (love at first sight) is my daughter, Hikari.

Lhorie, contributor
As a singer, I like all kinds of music! But most of all, I like country music and at my age(29), I started to love oldies(60's, 70's)songs(hehehe).. 

I would love to visit "GREAT WALL OF CHINA" I've been here in China for 10 years, but no chance to visit there.. hopefully this summer!

I cannot live without socks (not even in summer), IPOD (I bring my Ipod all the time, even in the toilet.. hehehe) and my LAPTOP.. (facebook addict)

The hree things that can always be found in my purse are: Lip Balm, IPOD and of course, money! hehehe...

My most favorite time of the day is in the evening when I can spend 3 hrs. with my laptop.

I love cheesecakes.

My typical everday outfit would be jeans, tees and flats.

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